my spring wardrobe must haves

spring wardrob must haves

It’s beginning to look a lot like…SPRING?!

Yes, folks, spring is coming in just three short weeks. As much as I LOVE fall and winter, I’ve started seeing two other someones. ūüėČ The older I get, the more I’ve started to see and enjoy the beauty in things I once didn’t. So mature, I know.

Living in Virginia, our seasons are pretty mild and we get to enjoy the best of each every year. I’ve definitely grown quite fond of the differences in the seasons and cannot wait to update my wardrobe for spring this year.

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Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks!




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Always Hungry” Crop Top / Stripe Pajama Bottoms similar here

It has been a very hectic few weeks around here. Since my last post, our oven blew up (total overstatement), our fish came down with fin rot and we got some very unexpected baby news. All in all, we’re taking it as it comes and have successfully installed a new oven, are medicating Patronus (please get better, little guy!) and are eagerly awaiting our new addition. Oh, and we had our maternity photos done and they turned out sooooooo beautifully!

baby size: a leek Рin length, not girth
bump size: still really big to me, apparently not so big to everyone else

symptoms:¬†bending over is…over, contractions (literally having them during these photos!)
cravings: pizza, chocolate

worst part so far:¬†being told we’re getting induced
best part so far: finishing up the nursery
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Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

P3171298.jpgBow Back Dress / Leggings / Flats

It’s the final countdown! I am officially into my third trimester and who would have thought I’d hit that marker while halfway around the world in China! Can we talk about the fact that this baby has been to Ireland and China before it has even been born?! Can we also talk about the fact that Mommy managed to make it through all that travelling while pregnant? Because we all know I travel like a moist sandwich – not well at all. ūüôā

baby size: a large cabbage
bump size: I have FINALLY gotten to the stage where strangers ask if I’m pregnant – quickly followed by “you’re so tiny for 6 months” :/

symptoms: small bladder issues, swelling
cravings: none

worst part so far: constant nightmares
best part so far: feeling baby kick, getting ready for the baby shower

After my super hungry, super exhausting first trimester, things were starting to look up at the beginning of my second trimester – my appetite slowed, my fatigue almost completely went away and I was exercising again. And then things sort of went downhill a bit. I have been sick on and off almost my entire second trimester. Not morning sickness sick, just good ol’ sick.
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