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How To Survive (and enjoy!) The First Baby Beach Trip


I know that in exactly one week it will officially be fall, but that gives me juuuuuust enough time to squeeze in this post. At the very least, it’ll be useful for someone next year. 🙂

We go to the beach every year (OBX, I hope you’re all doing okay down there!) and being due in May, we knew we’d be braving our very first family beach trip with a pretty tiny infant. Here’s the secret:

Don’t. Do. It.

Kidding! Totally kidding. 🙂

While it was much different than the trips we have gotten used to, it wasn’t the horror story some people make it out to be. We got so many comments like: “should you really be taking such a small baby”, “make sure he doesn’t overheat” and “he can’t” and “you can’t” and “can’t”, “can’t”, “can’t”. Which leads us to our first lesson.
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Overnight Flight Survivial

Today I am boarding my first overnight flight! In preparation, I ordered my husband and myself some items to help make our trip a little more comfortable. I just love having excuses to buy fun stuff from Amazon! 🙂

Carry On Bags
The one downside of getting a simple set of luggage is that there are not two of any size piece of luggage. I don’t know why, but it drives me nuts that although my suitcase and my husbands’ match, one is bigger than the other. I have plans to buy a second matching set so that we each have the perfect size suitcase (and when we have kids, they’ll match mommy and daddy, too!), but for now buying two matching carry ons will have to tide me over. Here are the bags I purchased.

My husband has ADHD. Diagnosed, unmedicated ADHD. He stopped taking his medication because as it wore off, it had extremely negative side effects and in the long run just wasn’t worth it. As he has gotten older, he manages it much better, but there are still times I want to kill him. When he drives, he bounces his leg because he’s bored; if he’s a passenger he is constantly complaining that he’s bored and how much longer. It’s a vicious cycle. Luckily, we have all the equipment we need to keep ourselves entertained while we’re awake; we each bring a laptop, mp3 player, phone and a book. I purchased these headphones specifically for our flight.
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