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groceries online: how COVID-19 is changing the way i shop


I am an old fashioned soul. I respect my elders. I cook from scratch. I only read books with real pages. I did not find out my baby’s gender until birth. I do my own stunts. 😉

I am also one of those people who has a hard time adjusting to new things. It took me two years to order food at a drive thru after getting my license. I used to not be able to handle Jeremy changing shampoo, deodorant or body wash. It took me three years to start asking Siri questions to only then make a complete switch to using Google assistant. I STILL prefer to have a separate camera, MP3 player and phone rather than all in one. The list goes on.

As a couponer, my whole game is multiple stores and strategies to get what I need for cheap. I don’t typically mind because I have the time and it’s so ingrained into me at this point that it’s hard to imagine anything else. Frankly, I enjoy the high of getting stuff I need for super cheap and I LOVE being able to run downstairs when something runs out.

But as a mom, time is something I’m pressed for and I hear convenience calling my name more and more these days. As a toddler mom, I’m struggling to complete all my errands, grocery shopping and miscellaneous (holy sh*t, I spelled it right on my first try!) shopping done with Elias in tow.

And then, all of the sudden, the entire world is changing and adapting to life in the midst of a pandemic. Grocery store shelves are being ravaged, we’re being told to social distance while everyone is flocking to stores and retailers are just trying to keep it together.

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