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happy, healthy and honest: letting go of perfectionism

In the five minutes I have been sitting here staring at my screen searching for a place to start I’ve re positioned my keyboard, mouse and wrist rest multiple times, I’ve sipped my coffee and I’ve glanced over and over at the baby monitor almost praying Elias will wake up so I don’t have to write this right now.

That’s how uncomfortable imperfection (and talking about it) makes me.

I have always been an over achiever with perfectionist tendencies. My family knows it, my teachers used to comment on it and it has brought me to some really great places and some REALLY shitty places. (Scouts’ honor, there is absolutely no other way to describe those places.)

Most people don’t really understand the negative effects of perfectionism – because most people who have perfectionism are really good at hiding them. Struggles + failure = imperfection. And no self respecting perfectionist would EVER let those secrets see the light of day.

Lucky for you, I have no self respect. 😉 Kidding. Totally kidding. But let’s chat anyway.
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