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vacation weight loss challenge: week 2

vacation weight loss challenge (2)
I have been struggling here lately with a lack of motivation to do much of anything. The laundry has been waiting three days to be washed, the office is in disarray, my fridge is jam packed and totally unorganized and I have approximately 50 cookies, 4 suckers and the equivalent of one large McDonald’s french fry strewn about my vehicle (thanks, Elias).

It might have something to do with quarantine, it might have something to do with the stress we’ve been under house hunting or it might have something to do with the fact that our only full bathroom is currently housing a mommy cat and her four seven week old kittens…probably not that last one, truth be told. 😉 But I’m trying to take it one day at a time and just roll with it.

The one thing I HAVE been motivated to do is work my butt off to lose this weight. I have been walking daily and doing either Ballet Beautiful or weights six days a week (which is nothing new) and I have really been working on getting my night eating under control. My sister is continuing on just as she has been, steadily and consistently losing weight by counting calories and walking. Mom seems to be struggling a bit – she chose to do a carb cycling way of eating and is having difficulty on her low carb days. My other sister never actually weighed in or measured (or let anyone know about it at the very least) so we’re all assuming she’s not participating.

So let’s see how we’re all doing. 🙂
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april update

IMG_20200403_174041361_BURST003The past three weeks have put us through some immense changes, pressure, anxiety and fear. They have also given us an immense amount of happiness, love and hope. So let’s start with the bad and end with the good. Because that’s what the world needs right now. To end with the good.

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