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Remembering Grams

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5 generations (from right to left: grams, grandma, me, elias, dad)

Earlier this year we lost my moms’ mom and I am truly heartbroken to say that earlier this week, we lost my great-grandmother. She was 92 and lived a very full life.

Grams was one of nine children, seven of whom she outlived. She had four children, three of whom she outlived – my grandmother (dads’ mom) is her only living child. She was able to watch her 10 grandchildren grow well into adulthood, most of her great-grandchildren reach adulthood and even live to see her great-great-grandchildren. The last time I saw her, she was able to hold Elias and I was blessed to get a video of it.

Grams holds a special place in my heart because I feel that I had an opportunity to experience life with her like none of her other great-grandchildren. When my mom and dad divorced, dad lived in Grams’ basement until he was able to move into his own apartment so my sister and I also lived there every other weekend because of custody arrangements.
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