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Elias’ BB2!


It’s a party! It’s a ‘que! It’s a barbeTWO! Super clever over here. 😉

Immediately after having Elias’ first birthday I came up with the idea of having a barbecue for his second birthday. Hence the invention “barbeTWO” or BB2 as I like to shorten it. Why that choice when there is literally NOTHING to be found ANYWHERE as far as decor, ideas, etc that use a BB2 theme. THAT is exactly why. Of all the “donut grow up” or “two sweet” or perhaps my personal favorite “baby shark…two…two…two…two” I have yet to find anyone else throwing a barbeTWO. And, I mean let’s face it – barbecue.

Throwing parties are one my absolute favorite things to do and I’m always bombarded with questions like “where did you get ______” and “how did you ______”. I have an open book policy when it comes to hosting events; I will tell anyone anything they want to know. Even my stepdad was asking me where I got the buffet serving utensils and how much I paid….and then he tried to (jokingly) steal them. Haha.

So here’s a run down of the who, what and where of Elias’ BB2. I may have inadvertently left some things out and maybe some details aren’t as specific as you’d like – just ask. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions or go into a bit more detail in the comments! 🙂

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