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How To Survive (and enjoy!) The First Baby Beach Trip


I know that in exactly one week it will officially be fall, but that gives me juuuuuust enough time to squeeze in this post. At the very least, it’ll be useful for someone next year. 🙂

We go to the beach every year (OBX, I hope you’re all doing okay down there!) and being due in May, we knew we’d be braving our very first family beach trip with a pretty tiny infant. Here’s the secret:

Don’t. Do. It.

Kidding! Totally kidding. 🙂

While it was much different than the trips we have gotten used to, it wasn’t the horror story some people make it out to be. We got so many comments like: “should you really be taking such a small baby”, “make sure he doesn’t overheat” and “he can’t” and “you can’t” and “can’t”, “can’t”, “can’t”. Which leads us to our first lesson.
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Friday Favorites: Beach Gear

beach gear favorites

In a bit over a month we’ll be headed down to the Outer Banks for our first beach trip as a new family! (That exclamation point can be interpreted two ways; excitement and petrification. Both of which I am experiencing.)

Originally it was supposed to be we three and my mom, stepdad and younger sister and brother but they decided that a shorter, closer beach trip worked better for them. Then we decided that the three of us would go alone but still get a beach house as opposed to a room at a hotel. (It literally costs the same!) However…the week we decided to book our house my stepdads’ brother and wife tossed out that they would love to go with us sans their kids (who were apparently very difficult on their first trip to the Outer Banks earlier this year) and we happily agreed. Kicker? We ended up renting the exact same house with them as we did with my mom last year. Funny how things work out. 🙂
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