Elias’ Birth Story


It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I delivered our first child over a week ago. I wake up on my belly and find it strange that it’s no longer uncomfortable and I don’t feel tiny feet poking my ribs – then I roll over and see the most perfect little face fast asleep in his bassinet and can’t help but smile. 🙂

Pregnancy Recap
Backtrack to my last pregnancy update and you’ll see that we were scheduled to be induced a week before my due date because the doctors were concerned that the baby wasn’t growing properly and that my placenta may have been failing. At our 36 week ultrasound they estimated his weight to be 5 lbs 12 oz – not small enough to be in the danger zone, but he had fallen from the 50th percentile for weight at his gestational age at 26 weeks to the 19th percentile at 36 weeks.

My induction was scheduled for 39 weeks and we had to see the doctor twice a week for non stress tests, additional ultrasounds and my personal favorite, blood work. 😦 Every test came back beautifully except my blood pressure, which up until 36 weeks had been perfect. I was now considered borderline high and was under additional watch for pre eclampsia.

Induction Day
Fast forward to induction day and I dutifully woke up at 5:50 AM to call the hospital to confirm our arrival time that my OB had written on my induction appointment instructions – 7:30 AM. The nurse put me on hold and then told me that the hospital had me scheduled for 7:30 PM and was I sure my paperwork said AM. Yes, I was sitting right there looking at it as I had for the past two weeks every time I opened my fridge.

She then informed me that they had two other inductions scheduled for the morning and that if they didn’t, she would tell me to go ahead and come in since that’s what our paperwork said. However…since they DID have two others scheduled in their system that I had to wait until 6 PM to call back and confirm that I could still come in at 7:30 PM for the induction time they had me scheduled for. Considering my OB had me down to be induced by Cervidil and that Cervidil doesn’t usually send women into full blown labor on its’ own, I was now looking at an overnight stay in the hospital before my cervix would even be ripe enough to start Pitocin. Add in the fact that I set my alarm for 5:50 AM and there was no way I was relaxed enough now to go back to sleep, I was dreading this induction and preparing myself to be awake for anywhere from 24 – 48 hours depending on how the induction went. No bueno.

After calling my mom to let her know about the mix up, I ended up waking my husband because I just really didn’t know what else to do. We went back and forth about calling the hospital again to make absolutely sure the nurse didn’t hear my name incorrectly or give me the wrong information and should we call the OB when they opened to ease our minds. All in all, we decided to just wait – mainly me reassuring us both that if the nurse at the hospital gave me the wrong information that we would eventually get a call from the hospital asking where the hell we were.

No such call came and we spent the day keeping the house tidy and running some light errands.

Show Time
As the afternoon rolled around, my husband and I kicked up our feet to relax for the last couple of hours we had as just us. We cuddled up on the couch and turned on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. (Ironically, my sister texted me during this time and asked how I was doing. I told her I was doing fine and the last thing she said to me was “poop now or forever hold your shame”.) I believe we got through an entire episode and maybe half through a second when – at around 4pm – I felt a “pop” in my lower abdomen.

“Did you feel that?”
“I think my water just broke.”

I started to feel a small warmth, almost like I was beginning to pee myself, and I hurried off the couch and into the bathroom. Five seconds later, a small trickle of fluid came, followed quickly by my husband. I wiped.

“Well, that’s an odd color.”

I guess it’s all he could think of to say. But, yes, the fluid had small green chunks and I quickly became panicked, knowing with 100% certainty that my water had just broke and that the green I was seeing meant that the baby had pooped and could signal that our baby was in distress. I had Jeremy get our induction paper and I called labor and delivery right there on the toilet, shaking, leaking and knowing full well that my husband had no idea what that “odd color” meant.

“I’m scheduled for an induction at 7:30 PM, but I’ve just had event and I don’t know who else to call. I’m pretty sure my water just broke and it is definitely green.”
“The baby pooped, which means it may be in distress. Go ahead and come in. I’ll let them know you’re on your way. Don’t speed.”

As calmly as I possibly could, I stayed right where I was, shouting instructions to my husband from the toilet. Once we were pretty sure we had everything in the car, I put on a pad and waddled my way into the car. The hospital is a 25 to 30 minute drive from us and I was diligently tracking my contractions all the way there – 30ish seconds every 3 to 5 minutes.

At the Hospital
As we pulled into the parking lot, my husband was trying to find a spot as close as possible and it was all I could do to not yell as I told him to just park. He grabbed the few things we needed immediately and as I stood up, I could feel amniotic fluid start leaking down my legs – go figure I was in lounge shorts that day. I ordered my husband to let me have the shirt he packed for himself so I could make it up to the third floor without leaking everywhere. As unhappy as he was, I bundled up his shirt and held it between my legs as I waddled as fast as I could.

We were admitted to our room around 5 PM, where I changed into my labor gown and pleaded with the nurse to please get the IV in place the first try. I jinxed that because my vein kept rolling and after five or so minutes of digging and a cold washcloth around my neck, she gave up and called in a second nurse. That second nurse’s name just happened to be Glenda.

“Are you Glenda the good witch? Since the other nurse was the bad witch.”

She seemed slightly confused at first and then got my stupid joke. But she was obviously Glenda the good witch because she did get my IV in place without too much struggle – and by that I mean she bound my arm up tighter than a nun’s _______ and proceeded to check this vein and that vein and let me sit there with two hot packs on my arm trying to get a vein to show up.

The doctor came in to check my progress right after and at a little after 5 PM, I was 2 cm and 80% effaced. (The day before going into labor I had been 1 cm and 50% effaced.) She then informed me that I was going to be receiving a neonatal catheter – of which, all I heard was “catheter” and began to panic again. I soon found out that a neonatal catheter is essentially an internal shower – it doesn’t hurt when its’ inserted and it just pumps saline fluid into the amniotic fluid to help clean out the meconium. However, it created so much extra fluid coming out of my body that every time I would change positions during contractions I would leak out through the huge diaper they had me in. Once or twice, I even left puddles on the floor as I got out of the rocking chair.

After I was all hooked up to every tube they could stick in me and every monitor strapped to my belly, we settled in for the long haul. Luckily, the baby’s heart rate was strong and regular and was tolerating labor very well. Apparently, he just needed to go.

At this point, let me just say, if you are a first time mom and you are worried about your modesty and dignity during labor delivery… Just. Stop. People told me the same thing. When the baby’s coming you don’t care if it’s a man or a woman who delivers it, you won’t care if you’re naked, you won’t care if you poop on the table, blah, blah, blah. IT IS ALL 100% TRUE. 

Labor & Delivery
Here’s a recap of the timeline: my water broke at 4 PM, I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced at a little after 5 PM with contractions coming every 60 to 90 seconds last for a minute or more.

Sometime around 6 PM, a new nurse came on shift – an extremely chatty nurse. She asked when I last ate and what was it. A double chocolate chip cookie at 3 PM. She looked at me with the most pathetic look and said, “oh sweetie, you should’ve eaten something on the way in”. Then followed it up with this little speech:

“You can have Jello, Popsicles, juice, coffee with no milk, soda and water. As many as you want. I’ll go get you something if you want. You’re a first time mom, so you’ll be in labor for awhile – typically 12 to 18 hours. We would consider it great progress if you dilated at about one centimeter an hour. We’re looking at a breakfast baby.”

My reaction? You. Are. Shitting. Me. I have already been up for 12 hours and I’m going to have contractions every minute for the next 10 to 16 hours and push this baby out, all on a practically empty stomach? Give me the Jello.

After enjoying a little cup of Jello – I didn’t even get to pick my flavor – and a couple sips of ginger ale, the time between my contractions began to lengthen out to every 5 to 6 minutes. The nurse monitored them for roughly a half hour, started me on a little Pitocin to help my contractions along and checked my cervix again. At 9:30 PM, I was 3 cm and 85% effaced and starting to lose hope that I would have a fast labor. I was then told that the Pitocin would take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect and to try and sleep while I could.

Pitocin’s response? **** you.

Within 15 minutes, my contractions picked up again and I could barely rock my way through them. At this point, I asked my new nurse – I swear I saw every nurse that worked on the ward – was there anything, besides an epidural, that could just take the edge off my contractions and she gave me a half dose of Fentanyl.

Back  to the contractions. Every time one would start, Jeremy would ask if I was okay. It’s just a contraction. It’s just a contraction. It’s just a contraction. I finally told him that I was fine and whatever I did – from rocking back and forth or leaning my head back or doing a cartwheel – it was me trying to work through a contraction. And with that he did what any normal man would do when he legitimately cannot help: fell asleep.

Disclosure: Jeremy did as much as he possibly could for me while I was in labor. From helping me to the bathroom, getting in and out of diapers, keeping me company and even being sport enough to try to rock with me through a contraction while on my feet, leaning on him. But at a certain point, there is just nothing anyone can do for you – labor is a one woman show.

I guesstimate he was out for about 20 minutes – it was now about 12:40 AM – and I was back in the bed, working through another contraction when it felt like a rock dropped into my pelvis. As another contraction was cresting, I instinctively knew and simultaneously whacked that call button for a nurse and managed to loudly say, “Jeremy!”. I have literally never seen my husband move so fast in my life – he sprung right up off that couch and was at my side before the contraction subsided and in the midst of that wave I told him I needed to push and I needed a nurse NOW.

He disappeared for a minute and another contraction had me thinking “don’t push yet”. In the middle of that contraction he returned without anyone, said there was no one out there and all I could think was “Jeremy is going to deliver this baby”. I insisted one more time that I NEEDED a nurse NOW and he frantically went back into the hallway. (He later told me that he could hear two or three other women actively pushing and there was one nurse walking down the hall, he just pointed at her and she said “do you need help?” He told her I needed to push and she followed him into our room.)

She checked me – it was so quick compared to the others that I feel the baby must have been super close to just coming out on its’ own – and said “yep, it’s time to push”.

“Oh, shit.”

I sort of remember saying it, but when people ask about my labor and we get to this part, my husband jumps at the opportunity to tell everyone exactly how much I cussed. I apparently also dropped some F-bombs during pushing. Mama’s got a mouth.

The nurse hurried back out the door for the doctor and I think at this point Jeremy started to panic, knowing the baby was crowning and he was again alone in the room with his wife who desperately wanted to push. Before the next contraction, I was flipped over on my back, surrounded by three or so nurses, with a spotlight right where no spotlight should ever shine and being told to just go ahead and push with the next contraction. I was offered a mirror, which I refused and Jeremy was offered my other leg, which he also refused. LOL. (He gets queasy and I wasn’t going to – excuse the pun – push it because I didn’t want him to potentially pass out during the delivery of our first child. Subsequent children, eh, we’ll see. 🙂 )

What I was not prepared for was how different contractions feel during pushing. (The only way I can describe contractions is like waves of the most intense menstrual cramps ever over and over and over.) From the moment I felt him crowning, the feeling of the worst menstrual cramps ever completely stopped and I just felt tightening in my abdomen, an intense pressure in my pelvis and the overwhelming need to push – other than feeling things stretch to accommodate our baby, I was no longer in pain. I was legitimately blown away by that.

About three contractions later, being told to stop pushing on contraction two so I didn’t tear and, my worst fear coming true, pooping, Elias was born at 12:55 AM. Of course, we didn’t know right then it was a baby boy – the doctor held him up and said “Dad, what is it?”. Jeremy proudly responded, “a boy!”. They put him on my chest and did all his newborn shots and tests right there.

After he had his skin to skin time with me, the nurses did his footprints and weighed him. Our little guy weighed 5 lbs 10.5 oz – almost 2 ounces less than what they estimated his weight to be three weeks earlier. At 18 inches, all the nurses were commenting about how long he was and how he’ll grow up to be a piano player because of his long fingers.

At this point, I don’t really remember a whole lot in detail because there was just SO much going on. I do remember the nurse hunting me down a turkey wrap meal because I was starving – I only finished 3/4 of the wrap and left my chips and fruit cup because I just wanted to hold my little man. It didn’t even occur to me later that I should’ve taken my food with me into my postpartum room. (That’s what hormones do, people.) But I do remember Jeremy holding him for the first time, how little our boy looked in his daddy’s big arms and how happy Jeremy looked being able to finally hold his child.

Jeremy called my mom, my dad and his mom and I texted my sister while we were still in the delivery room, letting them know that our baby had been born. Everyone asked if we had had a boy or a girl, but we kept them waiting until they actually arrived at the hospital so we could catch their reactions on video. Needless to say, they were all a little frustrated that we STILL weren’t telling. 🙂

As we left the delivery room, I proudly held our brand new baby as they wheeled me past all the other laboring women toward our recovery room – our victory lap around the maternity ward. Once we settled in, our once again new nurses told me how well everyone said I did and that because my first labor was so fast that next baby I had better be getting to the hospital because otherwise we’d be delivering it at home or en route. Jeremy was terrified of hearing that but I just took it in stride, completely confident that we could absolutely handle that. Now, when’s breakfast?

I was super exhausted, but all I wanted was to keep holding the little person I had waited so long to finally hold. So I did. Only giving him up for brief periods for vital checks and for family members to hold him, I held him through the majority of the morning and well into the afternoon, staring into his little face and telling him over and over that I would always protect him, always love him and always be with him. Always.

To sum it up, my labor lasted a total of just under 9 hours, shocking everyone at just how fast I progressed. Remember, I was 3cm at 9:30 and was told that “great progress” would be 1cm an hour – I did 7cm in three hours. With one half dose of Fentanyl and no epidural, I delivered Elias in about four contractions, with no tearing, minimal swelling and no insane screaming. Yes, I did drop the F-bomb, but I used my inside voice and I even had the energy during the pushing phase to tell Jeremy that I didn’t even care that I pooped. For me, labor was not anything like the horror they show in the movies. I felt so empowered by not needing an epidural and even looking at my soft postpartum body now , I feel so confident and proud of what my body did that I’m not even upset that it’ll take me a bit to get back to where I was. I am a mom – hear me roar. 😀

And, yes, although during active labor (not the pushing phase) I doubted that I could ever do it again, I will absolutely do it again.

While in our recovery room, I asked Jeremy how he felt during the pushing phase. Did he get queasy? Did he actually look? Here was his response:

“I accidentally looked out the corner of my eye and saw just his head starting to come out and immediately looked away. The next time I peeked it was half a body just sticking out from you and all I could think of was that scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.”

I, of course, knew exactly what he was talking about and responded with, “kinda hot in these rhinos”. True love, people, true love.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can watch the scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective here. Try not to laugh, I dare you.

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It’s a Boy!


After a bit of a whirlwind labor and delivery, I am extremely proud to announce the arrival of our son, Elias!

Everyone is perfectly healthy and settling into life as a family. We could not be more thrilled to finally have him here!

That being said, I’m taking a little maternity leave from posting so we can spend some time bonding and enjoying our family. Posts will be sporadic at best, but will pick up again once we start to get into the swing of things. I’m sure everyone understands. 🙂

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Fashion & Beauty · Pregnancy

Maternity Photos

Maternity Gown (wearing the unlined version – with a slip! – in S)

Today is the big day! Soon we’ll be settled down into our hospital room, getting induced. All things considered we are excited and nervous at the same time and as I prepare for an intense ride ahead of me, I figured the post for today should be light and fun. 🙂

We had our maternity photos done about two weeks ago by Kelly Williams of Kelly Williams Photography and we could not be more thrilled with the results! We’ll be seeing her again very soon for newborn photos after our little one arrives. 🙂












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maternity gown

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Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks!




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Always Hungry” Crop Top / Stripe Pajama Bottoms similar here

It has been a very hectic few weeks around here. Since my last post, our oven blew up (total overstatement), our fish came down with fin rot and we got some very unexpected baby news. All in all, we’re taking it as it comes and have successfully installed a new oven, are medicating Patronus (please get better, little guy!) and are eagerly awaiting our new addition. Oh, and we had our maternity photos done and they turned out sooooooo beautifully!

baby size: a leek – in length, not girth
bump size: still really big to me, apparently not so big to everyone else

symptoms: bending over is…over, contractions (literally having them during these photos!)
cravings: pizza, chocolate

worst part so far: being told we’re getting induced
best part so far: finishing up the nursery

Funny how a small change in plans affects so much, especially when you’re pregnant. After all of our absolutely perfect prenatal appointments and signing paperwork for the new low intervention suite at our hospital – where they allow low risk women to have low intervention births (like a home birth in a hospital setting) – we were hit with what I feel like was a bomb.

We were told last week that the baby is not as heavy as they’d like it to be and that there is a chance that the placenta is not functioning as well as it should. Because the doctors are erring on the side of caution, I am not being allowed to go to my due date. I am being induced in three days. THREE DAYS. It’s only one week and a day earlier than my original due date, but that’s one week and one day less than we thought we had! Cue panic.

As upset as I originally was, I have accepted the terms that this baby is coming on and am even looking forward to meeting our mystery baby (and being not pregnant) a week early. 🙂 As far as the baby’s health is concerned all my tests are still coming back perfectly – my blood work, non stress and doppler ultrasounds look beautiful – and the doctor has informed us that once the baby is born tests can be run on the placenta if they’re needed. More so, it’s possible that the baby comes out at a higher weight than they estimated or that I simply make small, yet otherwise perfectly healthy babies.

Oh, and that low intervention room? Yeah. Totally out the window thanks to being induced. :/

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always hungry top stripe pjs


Friday Favorites: Pregnancy Gear

pregnancy gear

We’ve all heard about favorite baby gear, but there’s a long road ahead of each baby’s arrival and there are just some things that I could not have lived through this pregnancy without.

Belly Band
The very first thing I purchased after finding out I was pregnant was a belly band. Within a month or two, you’ll already be so bloated that your normal pants will not button and nobody really wants to be buying maternity clothes that early, if at all. I ordered a size small and they still fit really well.

Bio Oil
Pregnancy changes your body. The one change I really didn’t want to have to deal with was stretch marked, sagging skin after the fact. I have been using Bio Oil religiously since I found out (once a day during the first trimester and then twice a day beginning in my second) and I have not gotten a single stretch mark and am currently 38 weeks along. I’m not saying that it’s all to do with the Bio Oil – I have been diligent about not gaining weight too rapidly – but I do believe the Bio Oil is helping my skin stay moist and elastic.

Underwire Free Bra
Back up to before I lost 36 pounds – my boobs were large. After losing 36 pounds, guess what? They were still big. My band size stayed the same (although I went from the biggest setting on the hook to the smallest) and I only lost a cup size. Fast forward to getting pregnant and within three months my cups were overflowing…in my old bra size. Although I could get away with loosening my band, it quickly became uncomfortable especially for lounging around the house.

After many failed attempts at finding an underwire free bra that fits a 28 band size and supports a large cup, I did find some relief. The Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes has been my saving grace. Because my rib cage is so tiny, I decided to go with the smallest size – the XS. It still rides up a bit because the band is still a little large but the cups are so forgiving and definitely accommodate more than the size chart says they do. I plan on wearing this around the house before and after delivery while the ladies are large and sore.

Maxi Dresses
After we got back from China, I swore off jeans. Well, I swore off jeans mostly. 🙂 After a certain point, even when people say you’re not that big, you most certainly are bigger than you were. Add in swelling and the fact that you wake up in the morning and your comfort baseline is already uncomfortable because, well you’re carrying around a tiny human, jeans are not on your radar.

I have been utilizing the maxi dresses in my closet almost every time I have to get “dressed up” – the other times, it’s leggings and a tunic. Here are some of my favorite maxi dresses that have gotten me thus far: Floral Maxi, Casual T Shirt Maxi, V Neck Maxi.

There are some women who are scared to take anything during pregnancy. Go this route and you will have a miserable nine months. Stock up on a few safe medications and keep yourself comfortable: Unisom (for sleep trouble), Tyelnol (or acetaminophen because things WILL hurt during pregnancy), Gas-X (no shame, ladies) and some Robitussin (I can’t remember exactly which types are safe, so make sure to check with your doctor and read the label). Oh, and yes, the seven day version of Monistat is safe so feel free to use as needed.

Pregnancy is hard on your body, don’t make it harder when you don’t have to.

What are some of your favorite items that helped you through pregnancy?

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Baby Shower Details!

In case you haven’t heard…I. LOVE. PARTIES. The decorations, the company, the FOOD. What makes a party even more fun? When it’s your party! A few weekends ago my mom and sister hosted my baby shower and they did such a fantastic job!



Easter was literally a week before my shower and the dress I chose totally hid my belly. I had people all day saying “aren’t you supposed to be pregnant”. :/ Because people keep saying I’m small and I don’t show from behind I decided that I was going to make sure to show off my baby bump for the shower. The kicker? You still can’t even see my bump in most of my baby shower photos – the photo above is the best shot of my belly. LOL.

The ruching of the dress definitely helps conceal any less than perfect parts but you’ll still definitely want a nude slip to keep the white from being see through and to help smooth out any bumps. Bonus: this dress will fit after pregnancy – I was able to fit into an XS at 33 weeks pregnant. This dress also comes in a bunch of other colors as well as a long sleeve option.




Because we still don’t know what we’re having we went with a combo of mint, coral, yellow and gray. My mom and youngest sister painted baby blocks for the centerpieces, made a banner for behind the gift and game table and used tissue poms to alleviate some empty wall space.

I believe my mom made the jeopardy board using a tri fold display and I typed up some simple signs to use on the game table. (If you have never been to DaFont, I HIGHLY recommend it – I love being able to download free fonts to use on invites and decor!)


The food was exactly what you need for a shower – simple and tasty. Mom and my sister did funeral sandwiches, crockpot meatballs, a fruit and veggie tray and a cheese and cracker tray. The cake was my favorite – chocolate Costco cake! – and my mother even showed me the order sheet she basically murdered. She spent a lot of time explaining to the bakery EXACTLY what she wanted – complete with stapled on samples of the shower colors. Definitely keeping that order form forever. 🙂

I picked out the games I wanted to play at my shower because I have a burning hate for horrible shower games. The games were split into two categories – actual games and not-so-actual games. The difference? To me, games that are similar to “how many blanks are in this jar” are not real games, they’re toss ups. Real games are games that can be played to win and require some skill on the participants’ part.

We did two faux games. Everyone who brought a book for the baby was entered in a raffle. We also did my variation on “how many blanks in the jar”, changing it to “how many diapers does mommy have in her stockpile”. We took a picture of my diaper stockpile, put it in a frame and let people write down their guess as they came in.

As for the real games, we played three – Baby Bingo, The Name Game and Baby Jeopardy. Baby Bingo is a fun way to keep guests entertained while you’re opening presents; they fill in a bingo card with their guesses as to what you will receive and mark them off as you open matching presents. The Name Game is a fun, fast game that requires guests to make as many names as they can from the parents’ names in 5 minutes – the one with the most wins! As for Baby Jeopardy, we play it as a team game and it essentially works just like regular jeopardy. The categories we used were “Laura’s Pregnancy” (details about my pregnancy like who found out first and what my symptoms were), “All About Baby” (facts about our baby like how many cousins he or she will have when they’re born and the babys’ due date), “Mommy’s Cravings” (all about what I was craving during pregnancy), “Disney Babies” (matching Disney moms to their kids) and “Old Wives’ Gender Tales” (the folklore people use to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl).

As for the prizes, we opt for giant candy bars. (Soap and candles are nice, but a huge hunk of chocolate? No contest.) Not the king size bars or the XL bars, but the really big bars you find back with bagged candy; they’re about $2 -$3 each and we typically get a few of each flavor and have winners pick one from the pile.

The Result
One of the major reasons we opted to not find out the baby’s gender is because we knew that if we found out, we’d likely end up with a load of clothes and not much in the way of baby gear. I’m still not 100% clear on why women with kids always seem to follow that same pattern, but it’s like “do you not remember that you didn’t want all those clothes either”.

Luckily, our plan worked out and we ended up getting most of the large items off our registry with a grand total of about half our registry bought. We ended up only needing to purchase the baby monitor, baby carrier, drawer organizers and the small odds and ends that I really thought would have been bought first (nail clippers, brush, nasal aspirator, etc). The turnout really could not have been better and we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. 🙂

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ruched dress white heels  filigree stud earrings


What’s On My Baby Registry


We are in the home stretch, folks! My baby shower is just around the corner and will soon be followed by our first baby. 🙂

First, let me say that by my own admission I am a very picky person. I am NOT and will never be someone who buys something because it’s cheap and will work for now. The same rules applied when I created my baby registry; I took a lot of time to research what we truly needed for our baby, what would provide us with function and the ability to last multiple children.

If you’re unsure about which places to register with, let me give you one piece of advice – do your research and register with the ones that give you the best deals, even if that means more than one registry.

For example, if you are a Prime member (or sign up to be one) the Amazon baby registry will give you a 15% off completion discount for eligible items before a month or so before your due date. The discount can be used in two transactions up to two months after your due date! Prime members are also eligible for Baby Bucks earnings on participating baby items. Baby Bucks is a $100 credit towards diapers and wipes when items purchased from your registry (either by others or yourself) adds up to $1000. For reference: I totally thought this was way out of our range, but we’re already up to $830 of the $1000 just from people who have bought from our registry, so we will absolutely hit that mark after we finish up buying first year necessities.

Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Convertible Car Seat
Holy crap! That’s a lot of money for a car seat! Yes. It is on the expensive side, but since I have added it, there have been tons of sales making this car seat anywhere from $199 to as low as $149, depending on the finish you choose. This car seat is designed to last your baby from newborn up to 120 pounds, going from rear facing infant all the way to backless booster. (For reference, my pre pregnancy weight was 113 pounds, so I think this has you covered for as long as your child needs a booster. 🙂 ) One and done.

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat
Wait. Didn’t I just say “one and done”? You caught me. The reason I registered for the infant seat and the convertible seat is because of function. Convertible car seats are designed to stay in the car – they don’t come with a carrying handle and they don’t lock onto the strollers designed for infant seats. We purchased a double Sit ‘n Stand stroller from Craigslist after I found out we were pregnant (in excellent condition for only $60!), but we have no infant seat for those first months that the baby won’t be able to sit on its’ own. And the last thing I want to do is try to wiggle my wobbly headed infant out of the car seat while its’ still in the back of my car. In conclusion, the first couple of months our baby will ride in an infant seat and then we’ll transition to the convertible.

Baby Car Mirror
I cannot explain the terror I had when my nephew would make funny sounds in his rear facing seat and I was doing 75 on the interstate, unable to see what was going on. I immediately knew that this product would be on my registry. It hangs in front of a rear facing seat so you can see your baby while driving.

Infant Optics Video Monitor
My mother tells us all the time that even when we didn’t cry during our naps she would constantly come in and lay her hand on our chests to make sure we were breathing. Kicker? I did the same thing to my nephew when I babysat. To me, a monitor with only sound is useless. How many times has a silent baby meant a sleeping baby? Maybe 50% of the time. The other 50%? Crayon on the wall, poop smeared everywhere and a slew of other things. I want to be able to see my baby.

Diaper Backpack
Think of all the things you carry now. Add a baby, in or out of a car seat, and a diaper bag. Think you can do it? Think again. The first day I babysat, I went online to see if they made diaper backpacks. Bingo. Do yourself a favor and get a diaper backpack instead of a traditional tote bag. And do your man a favor and get it in a unisex pattern and color – no man, I don’t care what he says, wants to carry around a baby pink floral diaper bag. Then do yourself one more favor and stock that bag with a changing pad (you don’t know what’s on those public changing tables!) and a couple clear organizer bags. You may think those organizer bags are overkill, but wait until your baby poops out the side of their outfit and you have nowhere to put the dirty clothes except in your diaper bag. Ew.

Infantino Squeeze Station and Reusable Pouches
I have always wanted to make my own baby food. It’s cheaper, it’s healthier and I have control over what kinds of foods and flavors my baby is exposed to. This squeeze station makes it easy to fill squeeze pouches and the reusable pouches themselves can be safely used up to 12 times each – so much cheaper than the disposables or buying squeeze pouches from the store! I’ve also heard that the squeeze pouches are easier to organize in the freezer and perform better than those baby food cube trays.

Shopping Cart Cover
This is another thing I knew I needed when I was babysitting my nephew. First, he looked so uncomfortable sitting in the cold, hard seat and then started touching everything and putting his hands in his mouth. Now, I don’t sanitize my shopping carts because I’m older and the chances of me getting sick from that are slim and even if I do get sick it’s an annoying cold and then it’s over. With a baby, any small cold is a nightmare, so this immediately went on my list.

Ergobaby 360 Carrier
Another splurge item that will be worth its’ weight in gold. This carrier allows you to carry your baby in all positions – back carry, front carry, hip carry, all facing in or out. We are an active couple that are out and about a lot, including hiking so I figure this carrier will get plenty of use. Again, pick a neutral color that your partner is comfortable wearing.

Joovy Playard
Baby needs a safe place to play and sleep either at home or on the go. Mommy needs an attractive pack and play that isn’t covered in obnoxious prints or animals. Enter Joovy Playard and we have a winner. Bonus points for having about double the space of a traditional pack and play.

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing
I like space saving products. This swing is a glider and bouncer in one, plus its space saving design takes up 40% less space than other swings. Score!

Bumbo Multi Seat
The first time I saw a Bumbo seat, my reaction was a little less than positive – what a waste of money. Within a week of babysitting my nephew, I was begging my sister to buy him a Bumbo. He constantly wanted to be sitting up and playing or looking around at his surroundings and I just could not hold him in that position for 8 hours. Luckily, she caved and my babysitting world changed. I registered for a slightly different type of Bumbo – the multi seat – which has the floor seat nestled into a removable booster seat and comes with a play tray. Here we are again with multiple uses in one item: bumbo floor seat for babies who can’t quite sit up on their own yet, a booster seat for older children and a high chair for feedings. You know I love it!

NoseFrieda Aspirator
Ever try using a traditional nasal aspirator on a sick baby? Bet you it was the last time you ever tried. Traditional aspirators just do not do their job well. Baby is snotty and grumpy and will just continue to get grumpier the longer it takes you to clear their boogers. This aspirator has amazing reviews and I can’t wait to try it out! Ok, I can, because I don’t want a sick baby, but just in case. 🙂

Labor Gown
There are not enough words in the English language for me to describe my absolute hatred toward hospital gowns. They’re scratchy, thin and expose your entire backside for the whole hospital to see. No. Not even a no, thank you. Just. No. As mundane as it may sound, I am not going to sit around in an uncomfortable, totally exposing gown for the entire time I’m in the hospital all the while multiple nurses and family members are in and out constantly.

Swivel Glider Recliner
Babies mean long nights for awhile. Long nights mean being as comfortable as possible. People have offered to get me wooden rockers and gliders. As sweet as the thought is, I can already imagine the frustration we would have in the middle of the night. I spent a lot of time thinking about what we need in a chair for our nursery and the top things I came up with were: rocking or gliding motion, being able to recline and comfortable enough to sleep in if we had to. (Bonus points for being an attractive, high quality chair that will get us through all our babies. 🙂 ) After a lot of searching and showing my husband our options, we both agreed that this was the chair for us. It does everything we need it to and has great ratings.
**Note: We registered for this before there was a bunch of talk that ToysRUs would be closing, so we when we heard the news we ended up biting the bullet early and purchasing it before we lost it forever – literally a week after we purchased it online, ToysRUs shut down their websites. Purchasing early was definitely a good call on our part. Similar chairs: Delta Recliner, Pulaski Recliner, DaVinci Piper Recliner, Pulaski Sutton Recliner

Obviously, these couple things weren’t the only items I registered for. I’ll finish off by giving a run down of a couple more noteworthy items we registered for. One of my most favorite baby clothing items we asked for: a “Snuggle this Muggle” outfit. Two more practical “clothing” items: pacifier clips and drool bibs. For feedings: white divided plates (do you know how long it took me to find white?!) and a silicone roll up bib. Quite possibly one of my favorite things on the registry: nursery drawer dividers. I also registered for a good number of children’s books – we’re doing a book raffle at the shower, so I figured I’d give some ideas. 🙂

I know I’ve disappeared for awhile, but we just have so much going on now that we’re down to our last seven weeks baby free. We’ve been replacing light fixtures and cleaning out the office to turn it into an office/nursery combo, building nursery furniture (I’m even tackling refinishing a thrifted dresser for the baby!) – there’s just so much to do and not enough time to do it! 🙂

For now, posts will be sporadic, but as I’m sorting my life out as a new mom I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things when we finally settle into a routine. Keep checking back! 🙂

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