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toddler tuesdays: sour, sweet, gone


As part of the blog update (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately), I’m trying to incorporate more lifestyle posts. I’ve revamped my recipe round ups, I’m brainstorming new topics and, most importantly, I’m keeping it real.

Need a dose of reality?


They do what they want, they say what they want, they ARE exactly what they want. There’s no “should I” or “could I”, no “I’ll be embarrassed” or “what will they think” – they take no prisoners and give no f***s. Being around a toddler is like a smack in the face – with a hammer; I find it refreshing (and a true privilege) to be able to spend every day with a tiny human that is 100% real.

Toddler Tuesdays are my way of sharing all things toddler – funny stories, products we love, activities we do – here on my blog. Expect at least one or two a month, although it may be more since I’ve been blessed with a punchy child. 😉

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my favorite (not makeup!) beauty products

beauty productsSince becoming a mom, I have placed a good deal of emphasis on feeling confident in my own skin. Not “it takes me two hours to get ready” skin or “don’t splash me in the face because I will melt” skin – not even “can Mommy at least put on some mascara PLEASE” skin. Just my skin.

Gone are the days of walking out of the house being fully made up, outfit on point and showered. Now I get to choose. (Tell me, which one would you choose? 😉 ) And you know what? It’s totally okay.

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march meal plan

As part of my blog update, you all can expect a monthly meal plan post. I’ll be sharing what I’m making for the upcoming four weeks, with links to all the recipes. These posts will include recipes I’ve never made before (and some oldies), so if you’re looking exclusively for tried and true, please keep an eye out for my recipe round up posts.

In case you missed it, I recently talked about how and why I meal plan for a month at a time. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find it here.

I technically only meal plan for a family breakfast on Sundays – the rest of the week is leftovers or other regular breakfast food (ie: bagels, cereal, pop tarts, etc.) We do weekly meal prep for lunches on Sundays – enough for five weekday lunches for two adults. Recipes marked with an asterik are recipes that I have made before and my family has deemed delicious! 🙂 Oh, and I’m big on having seasonal or fun food to go with whatever holiday is happening. Let the shenanigans begin!

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where have you been?

If you read that in Molly Weasley’s voice, well – 10 points for Gryffindor!

But in all seriousness, where HAVE I been? It’s been a rough year for me, but things are finally mellowing out. There are just some lingering thoughts that I need a place to release to. This is that place. Care to listen? Pour yourself a cup – coffee, tea, Jack and sit a spell. Or move right along.

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happy birthday to me.

birthday cupcake


Is anybody still here?


So…it’s been a minute. Or a month. Or, you know, fourteen. And a week. But who’s really counting at this point?

One thing I am counting today is candles. Twenty-eight candles. Only two more to go until I hit the big 3 – 0. Can you hear the fear in my voice? Do keyboards have voices? Does it actually matter?

If you’re picking up on the sarcasm and slight bitterness in my “voice”, you’re my favorite. If you’re wondering what happened in the last fourteen months, you’ve missed a lot. I swear the older I get, the less interesting I am but I have more to keep up with than I ever imagined. But those are stories for another post, because…

It’s my birthday.

Today is my birthday and I am back.

Prepare yourselves.

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