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GLAMGLOW giveaway winner + 6 day mask sale!

glamglow kit

Hey, all! Hope everyone is doing fantastic this chilly Monday afternoon!

I just wanted to pop in really quick to announce Thursdays’ giveaway winner…

Congratulations, Magaidh! Hope you enjoy your GLAMGLOW Glow Essentials Kit! 🙂

As luck would have it, I also received a sales notification in my inbox today from GLAMGLOW. They are hosting a “Daily Dose of Glow” mask sale for the next six days; each day will feature a different mask for 40% off. This is an incredible deal on some fantastic products!

Today’s deal is actually the product I reviewed on Thursday that inspired the giveaway: THIRSTYMUD. Seriously, this stuff is AMAZING! If you’re on the fence, go check out my review. 🙂

Congrats again!

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glamglow thirstymud review, sale AND a giveaway!


(super attractive, I know! 😉 )
waffle knit robe / GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD

I have always had crap skin care routines. I buy products because they’re cheap and promise me things that sound good.

Quarantine has given the opportunity (and time!) to really research, find and test products that I wouldn’t normally bother with or have never heard of.

First product in line for testing: GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD.
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saying goodbye to a man we never knew


Last Monday, I awoke to a text on my phone: “doc passed away”. I can’t say that I was shocked, sad or that I felt anything other than a tight, heavy ball in my stomach for the people his passing would affect. Namely, my stepmother – she is the only immediate family member surviving. (There are other family members surviving, but they were not ever a part of our lives.)

To be clear, Doc is my stepmother’s father, so technically my stepgrandfather. To my knowledge he only has one biological grandchild (whom I don’t believe I’ve ever met); there is one other stepgrandchild besides myself and my sister, but I don’t believe we’ve ever met him, either.

Are you beginning to understand the title yet?
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mothers day gift guide (created by a weird one)

mothers day art

Easter was weird. Mother’s Day is gearing up to be weird. The world is weird. I’m weird. I guess it all fits. Haha. But just because Mother’s Day is going to be weird, doesn’t mean you can slack off. Make this Mother’s Day extra special because you have the time, it would do the world some good if everybody went the extra mile right now and she’s your mother – you know, the woman who gave you life.
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toddler tuesdays: quarantined with a powerhouse

waffle knit top / levi’s in “little secret” / booties similar here
Elias’ top (out of stock at Carter’s!)/ jeans / converses

My days start around 6am in quarantine – normally they would start at 4:45am, but things haven’t been normal for weeks now. Elias wakes up shortly thereafter and from the moment his little eyes are open, he is ready to go. He has my early bird tendencies with his dads’ notorious high energy and talent for fun.
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friday favorites: food blogs

friday favs food blogs

I heard on the radio the other day that the number one hobby people have started picking up during quarantine is baking and/or cooking! I LOVE it! I was an avid cook AND baker before quarantine and things have not slowed down. Since I’ve been trying to use up all the random things I have accumulated I’ve noticed I’m getting a win-win-win; I’m using stuff up so my pantry and stockpile are cleaner, I’m getting to experiment with fun recipes that I normally would put in the “make later” pile and we’ve been eating REALLY well.

In case you’re in need of some super yummy recipes (or just need something to do 😉 ), I’ve compiled a list of my five favorite food blogs for your enjoyment. “People who love to eat are the best people.”

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hippity hoppity, happy easter day!


fuzzy sweater / leggings / bunny slippers / elias’ bunny jumpsuit

We woke up to Easter baskets this morning! How about you?

Elias got some super fun Easter themed goodies – window clings, stickers, bunny jumpers, Play-Doh, bubbles, bath paints, a mini Connect-4 and a pint sized Nerf gun. I really tried to focus more on things for him to do and play with than candy – not that we’re anti sugar (I mean, have you seen my meal plans?) – because he literally gets more enjoyment out of fun little toys and activities than he does sweets. Our Easter baskets are a bit of a different story. Haha.

I never tackle holiday breakfasts because we have SO much to do and so many places to go. (I’ve touched on the marathon we run every holiday of every year, but in case you need a refresher…we would typically be at my in laws’ for lunch at 12pm, at my grandfathers’ for second lunch at 2pm and at my grannys’ for dinner at 5:30pm.) But this year, my wish has finally come true! Albeit, not in the best of ways but I’ll take it just the same. Hello, carrot cake pancakes! ❤

We have a busy day of egg hunting, eating to indulge in and lots of relaxing to enjoy so I’ll make it short!


pop sweater high waist leggingsbunny slippersgray bunny jumpsuit

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april update

IMG_20200403_174041361_BURST003The past three weeks have put us through some immense changes, pressure, anxiety and fear. They have also given us an immense amount of happiness, love and hope. So let’s start with the bad and end with the good. Because that’s what the world needs right now. To end with the good.

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my easter menu


So…Easter is in a week. What?

I don’t officially host Easter but I do serve an Easter dinner at home. It may not be ON Easter, but let’s face it, even if I could manage to make it to four different meals, it would be far from enjoyable. So I usually do our Easter dinner a few days after Easter or the following weekend.

This year, however, things are different. We’re not going anywhere and I WILL be serving our one Easter dinner on Easter. Just we three. There’s something oddly charming about not having to run our typical gauntlet. Or maybe I’m already reeling on a sugar high from all the Reese’s eggs. 😉

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