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vacation weight loss challenge: week 1

vacation weight loss challenge (2)

It’s time to own up to it.

I’ve gained weight.

I’m not talking a pound or two, I’m talking a chunk (no pun intended!). Now, I’m not 100% comfortable giving a number just yet, but I’m working on being more comfortable with imperfection and you can expect a post on it in the near future.

Regardless of why or how I got here, I AM here and I’m ready to turn it back around.

After weeks of self sabotage I decided I needed a way to be held accountable. So I texted my sister. I text my sister all the time when I need to be accountable for food related issues, but this time it was a different kind of accountable – I asked her to do a weight loss challenge with me. She said yes, of course. 😀
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