About Me


Hi! I’m Laura!

My favorite title.
Currently a stay at home mom to one little boy. ❤


Yes, I have a stockpile.
And it’s bigger than yours.


You name it, I’ve baked it.
Pavlova. Wedding cupcakes. Ultimate Thanksgiving piecaken.
Check, check and check.


Would you hate me if I said, “I like researching dead people”?


Furniture refinishing, Halloween costumes, seasonal decor, party planning.
Martha Stewart has nothing on me.
Except I did use her bat template for my Halloween porch decor.

Yes, I am THAT mom.


Blame my husband or be jealous of him – your choice.

I love white teapots, The Munsters and hanging out in old, dirty places – perhaps cliché, but cemeteries included.

Petite Noir.

Petite Noir is a dedicated space for me to share with the world. I can’t promise that you’ll love everything I post, but I can promise that everything will be genuine. And most definitely odd.


Where do you live?
I was born, raised and currently live in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia – the same area my fathers’ family has been since the 1700s.

What camera/lenses do you use?
I use an Olympus E30.
Main blog lens: Olympus 50mm f2.0 Telephoto Macro Lens
other lenses I own: Olympus 35mm f/3.5 Macro Lens , Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens , Olympus 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Telephoto Lens

What is your workout routine?
I aim to be active every day – not just with my workouts, but in general.
I hop on the treadmill every morning – it wakes me up and helps with my mood for the rest of the day. I love the Ballet Beautiful series do the Total Body Workout 3x a week and “lift” (my husband says I do cardio with weights 😛 ) weights 3x a week. I also love the routines from This is Yoga.

What are your measurements?
5 foot, 5 inches / 35 – 24.5 – 35

How do you lose weight / stay thin eating all the over the top food you make?
Yes, that is a legitimate question I have been asked. Two words: discipline and compensation. You have to be disciplined enough to not eat five cupcakes and you have to compensate for it elsewhere in your day either by exchanging a food or working it out.


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