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Third Trimester Q+A

And…I’m back! It literally seems like yesterday I was typing up my first trimester Q+A; things have been so different this time around and it’s been difficult to keep up with anything other than pregnancy and motherhood. It’s hard to believe I’m well into my third trimester! In just a few short weeks, we will finally meet our new addition – to say we are all excited is a bit of an understatement. Elias talks about the baby every day and we’re hoping that we’ve prepared him the best we can and that he will love being a big brother.

How are you feeling?
This one is a funny question to answer because it encompasses so much. Tired. Like a belly with legs. A bit like a bug that has been rolled on to its’ back and can’t get up. 😉 I’m uncomfortable about 75% of the time now; these days I feel like I’m being punched in the bladder (or lower more often than I care to admit) while simultaneously getting tickled from inside my ribcage. There have been many times that I feel that the baby is just going to come on out at any minute. It’s an exhausting, nerve wracking process and uncomfortable process but I am excited (and grateful) to be getting VERY close to meeting our new addition. 🙂

Have you continued working out?
Up until 37 weeks, yes. (Currently at a little over 38 weeks, I’m just exhausted and trying to save my energy for the last minute preparations around the house and for labor.) This is a huge deal for me because I completely stopped working out when I was pregnant with Elias. I still got on the treadmill mostly every day and did a modified Ballet Beautiful routine five times a week. I was still lifting weights up until about 20 weeks but had to go on activity restriction and pelvic rest because of some bleeding from a low lying placenta. That has since resolved and I’m no longer on any restrictions but after three weeks of not lifting weights I attempted to resume my routine and had an entire day of moderate cramping and discomfort after lifting so I decided to drop it until after baby.

When did you start feeling the baby move?
I swear I felt it by 16 weeks – by 18 weeks I was absolutely sure that’s what I was feeling. My husband did not feel the baby until about 20 weeks. Elias absolutely loves feeling the baby roll around and will giggle when he’s laying on my tummy and the baby turns over.

Are you having any cravings?
Oddly, no. People talk about insatiable, weird cravings that just hit you out of nowhere but I really haven’t gotten many at all. I had one at like 14 weeks for a roast beef sandwich but that’s about it. Haha. I have definitely preferred savory, salty and meaty foods over my usual desire for sweets as I did while I was pregnant with Elias but nothing crazy.

How is the baby doing?
As far as I can tell, baby is just HAVING A BALL rolling around inside my tummy. Mommy, not so much. Haha. All of my appointments have been normal. I have had to go for extra growth ultrasounds due to Elias being so small – at my last ultrasound the baby was measuring “exactly” where he/she should be, right at the 50th percentile.

Have you picked the name?
It took us a REALLY long time to finalize our decision on one boy and one girl name but, yes, we have. The baby will have two middle names just like Elias does and all but one of the names are family names.

Have you been vaccinated for Covid?
This is a touchy subject with a lot of people but I’m not afraid nor ashamed to say that I did decide to get vaccinated while pregnant. At first I was reluctant – there was little data on pregnant women or their babies and all the vaccines are only up for emergency approval as of now – but as the weeks progressed more and more information came out about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine in pregnant women. Almost as soon as the first report came out about the first baby born in the United States with Covid antibodies from the vaccine the mother received while pregnant I talked to my husband about it. We both agreed that the safest thing for me and the baby would be to go ahead and get vaccinated ASAP. There is a lot of vaccine hesitancy around us and the last thing we wanted was to bring a baby into a pandemic totally vulnerable; there are so many things to worry about bringing home a new baby that to be able to minimize a specific risk was absolutely worth it.

Is Elias excited about the new baby?
As excited as an almost three year old can be. He will say “Mommy has a baby in her belly” and I show him my ultrasounds – I even recorded the doppler heartbeat on my phone so he could hear it – but I think it’s still hard for him to grasp exactly what “having a baby” means. He’s been more clingy as of late – I think he knows it’s getting close and part of him is anxious – but he seems pretty excited about having a sister or brother.

What are some items you can’t live without in the second and third trimester?
Maternity leggings. Maternity leggings. Maternity leggings. By the time I reached 20 weeks this time around I was basically done with uncomfortable clothing. I purchased one pair of these materntiy leggings (these fit a little large – I ordered xs and currently weigh 149 lbs at 38 weeks) and they have been my saving grace. I wear them around the house and out under really long sweater tunics – I own four of these now and they’re basically all I have been wearing since getting pregnant. I also use a lot of Bio-Oil to help keep my skin hydrated and elastic for all the growing it’s doing – I used it exclusively while pregnant with Elias and did not get a single stretch mark so I’m hoping it made a difference the first time and I will get similar results this time. And finally, my trusty belly bands (no longer available so the link is a similar product). I kept them from my first pregnancy and they’re still holding strong. I really try to avoid buying maternity clothes because I only need them for such a little bit that I hate spending money on them. Haha.

What are you doing to prepare for baby’s arrival?
The same thing I did with Elias – nothing. HAHA. People usually take a birthing class – we didn’t. People usually find out what they’re having so they can buy all the gender specific clothes and things – we didn’t. People start doing labor exercises – I didn’t. The only things I have done are the typical nesting things that go along with having a baby – moving things around, washing little clothes and getting things in order to bring home a new baby. As I mentioned before, I have continued exercising to hopefully make labor and delivery a little smoother and I’m also eating dates this time around.

Elias came at 39 weeks so I’m anxiously anticipating something to start happening this coming week – I’ve already been having loads of contractions and lots of back pain and cramping, so we’ll see. 🙂 Until then, I still haven’t forgotten about our fertility post and hopefully I’ll be able to share some maternity photos before this little one makes his or her debut!

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