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First Trimester Q+A

So this post was planned and written a looooooong time ago but pregnancy ups and downs and the holidays have kept me well away from pretty much any mommy time. Between napping when Elias naps (which I NEVER did when he was a baby – too much to get done!), muscling my way through workouts, trying to keep up with the house and crashing on the couch by 6:30, I just can’t seem to muster up the energy to really do much else. And honestly, I’m not pressuring myself to do much more. I’m finding more and more these days that simplicity and happiness are more important to me than packing my calendar full. Maybe that’ll change once COVID is under control and we can actually live more normal lives but for now I’m quite content to be in my sweats, playing Playdoh with my son, eating take out and growing our family. 🙂

Now on to what you’re really interested in – pregnancy Q+A!

What were your first symptoms?
Lucky me, I started experiencing nausea even before a pregnancy test gave me a positive result. 😦 My breasts were EXTREMELY tender within a few days of nausea onset and shortly thereafter the emotional rollercoaster began. Of course, by the time I was emotionally all over the place we were already fully aware of why. 😉

What worked to get pregnant?
I mentioned in my pregnancy reveal that we have been seeing a fertility doctor for about a year and a half. It’s been a long process with A LOT of back and forth and praying for the best (aka too much to talk about in a simple one shot answer). The cycle we ended up pregnant was actually my very first Clomid cycle. We never expected in a million years we would get pregnant the very first “aided” cycle but we did and we are both thrilled and a little taken aback. I’m planning on doing a fertility journey post as well if you’re at all interested on everything that went on from the beginning.

Any cravings or food aversions?
Cravings, not so much. I have definitely preferred salty and savory foods over my usual sweet preferences though, most likely due to my constant tummy troubles. Food aversions on the other hand…yes. There’s not much I can 100% pinpoint – it just sort of comes on with the thought of a food I might eat or smell. Coffee definitely took a hit (I am a HUGE caffeine junkie and detoxed from caffeinated drinks before my positive test) but even my decaf coffee took a backseat to tea.

Is this pregnancy different than your first?
Night and day. With Elias I had none of the common unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, constipation, tender breasts, etc. This pregnancy has landed me with ALL of them. However, with Elias I did suffer from pretty bad acne from early on and I gained weight rapidly during my first trimester. (I remember seeing my chart notes from when my doctor had printed them off for us to take to China just in case and there was a lovely note during week 12 that said “weight is correct! Just returned from Ireland.” – referring to my 8 pound gain between weeks 8 and 12. Whoops! This time around I actually lost weight early on due to nausea and food aversions. I’ve been strict with myself about keeping up my workout routine to the best of my ability this go around because I completely stopped working out during my first pregnancy; somehow I’m managing to continue to lift weights, do Ballet Beautiful and walk just as regularly as before between the fatigue and nausea. Bonus: due to the extreme exhaustion I’ve been combating I’m now sleeping through the night and have completely stopped my night time binge eating.

How is pregnancy different during COVID?
The actual pregnancy, not at all. Haha. All the appointments, guidelines, etc: 90% different. My husband has only been to one appointment and that was the early ultrasound we had at the fertility clinic at 6 weeks; with Elias he came to EVERY appointment and it really meant the world to both of us that he was able to be there. As far as now falling into the higher risk category from COVID, it has definitely been nice to be able to go to the special shopping hours for high risk individuals especially when I need to take Elias with me since there are less people and most hours are early in the morning when I prefer to be out anyway. I now fall into the higher risk category should I contract COVID so I’m thankful that most people are respectful of our more cautious requests.

How did you reveal to your families?
My mom actually watched Elias while I went to my 12 week ultrasound (two days before Thanksgiving) – of course she didn’t know that’s what the appointment was for. Haha. I had bought Thanksgiving cards prior to Thanksgiving week that said “hope your day is filled with things to be thankful for”, I wrote in it “here’s one to start” and placed the ultrasound inside. I gave it to her when I came home from my appointment that day. We did the same thing with my husbands’ parents and my dad. For my siblings we actually had Mom keep our secret until Thanksgiving and at dinner we all wrote out what we were thankful for on little slips of paper and read them out loud from oldest to youngest; since Elias was the youngest we had his say “my new little sister or brother due in June”. For my husbands’ family we had his dad drop the announcement during Thanksgiving dinner. For our extended family and friends we sent out pregnancy announcements that said “oh my gourd – we’re adding a pumpkin to our patch”.

Do you want a boy or a girl?
I swear, this question. From before our first pregnancy we have always maintained that we do not care whether we have a boy or a girl or how many of each or in what order. We simply want healthy children. We will, again, NOT be finding out the gender of our baby until he or she is born. We will, again, NOT be sharing the potential names of our child either. We TRULY do not know and we TRULY do not want to know until birth. For what little magic there is left in the world, we can have control over this surprise. 😉

I’ll be back soonish (hopefully) with a fertility post for those of you interested!

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