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vacation weight loss challenge giveaway

So it’s been two (mostly) unintentional months since I last posted – it’s 2020, ya’ll, literally NOTHING has gone as expected – but I’m back.

Today I am finally going to start the weight loss challenge giveaway that I promised you all weeks ago! When I started the weight loss challenge, I told you all that if I won I would host a giveaway here. Well, I didn’t win – I actually came in dead last and I was the only one who finished the challenge weighing more. As discouraging as that sounds, I’m actually not upset about it. I learned a lot about myself during the 10 weeks and I’m in a good head space. I know that the weight will come off eventually.

As for the giveaway details, I really had a hard time coming up with a giveaway that I felt was appropriate for the challenge and my results. I had originally wanted to giveaway some of my favorite workout gear but I sort of changed my mind when I realized that, for me, this challenge was really about getting healthy, not weight loss or a diet or gear.

Because I spent so much time during this challenge working on new self care routines and working on my mental health, I have decided that what this challenge needs is for the dead last “loser” to give away an Amazon gift card for the winner to spend as he or she pleases. Call it a completion trophy. Haha.

So starting today and running through Friday the 9th, you can enter the giveaway up to two times by signing up for emails from petite noir and/or letting me know in the comments how you plan on spending your $25 Amazon card should you win. (And no, it does NOT have to be “to buy workout gear” or “for skincare” or “new athletic shoes”. You want to load up on toilet paper or fancy chocolate? Own it. Those are good for your mental health too. 😉 ) The giveaway is only open to US residents and I will notify the winner via email within three days of the giveaway end. (Please make sure the email address you use is valid so I can send your prize should you win!)

Good luck!

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