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vacation weight loss challenge winner reveal

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am not pleased with my personal physical results. I have been very open about struggling with night time binge eating during this entire process and it has been both a blessing and a curse. A curse because I’m struggling to maintain my weight and attitude but a blessing because it has pushed me to accept the fact that there is not a one size fits all to beauty or happiness.

I mentioned yesterday that we had all taken something away from this process and for me the biggest thing I have learned is that I can be confident in my body at a higher weight even when I’m not completely happy or comfortable with how my body looks. I was strutting around all day yesterday in a bikini and I never felt the sense of embarrassment I felt even at my lowest weight. I don’t know how my mindset changed but I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my mental health and trying to be more gentle and forgiving with myself. Nobody’s perfect and nobody should have to be. 🙂

Now onto our total losses and winner reveal.

bust inches lost: 1″
waist inches lost: 0.5″
hip inches lost: 0.25″
thigh inches lost: 0.25″
weight lost: +2 lbs

bust inches lost: 0.5″
waist inches lost: 0.5″
hip inches lost: 0.5″
thigh inches lost: 0.5″
weight lost: -5.2 lbs

bust inches lost: 2″
waist inches lost: 2″
hip inches lost: 2″
thigh inches lost: 1″
weight lost: -10.4 lbs

And our winner by a landslide is…MOM!

Impressed? She is too. Haha. At the beginning of the challenge she was discouraged and told us that she had been trying to lose weight since May to no avail. She gave it everything she had and starting incorporating exercise into her life and impressed herself and us.

So we owe her a treat on vacation. 🙂 (Let’s try not to talk about the fact that the two of us went out for ice cream last night and I split a large donut sundae with my husband…or the fact that I could eat an entire one on my own without so much as batting an eye…)

My final weigh in was up due to late night binge eating but clearly measurements have come down just a bit. I’ve been focusing a bit more on lifting and trying to get my eating cleaned up so I think that’s where my numbers are coming from. I told my husband last week that I feel like I inadvertently did a bulk cycle because we can both see that I have gained muscle but I’ve also gained a bit of body fat. My goal now is to keep up my workouts, clean up my binge eating and try to lose some of this extra fat I don’t want hanging around.

Now to wrap things up I told you all that if I won the challenge I would host a giveaway. Clearly, I did not win but I’m still going to do one. I’m not exactly sure the details or prize will be yet; considering I’ve been more focused on health than actual weight loss for a good portion of this challenge I may go that direction. I will try to have all the details ironed out by this weekend and let you all know.

In other news, I’ve been working on Elias’ BB2 birthday post and I’m still trying to round up photos from Mom’s phone in case I want to use any of them; be on the lookout next week for that as well. Until then, I’ll be busy enjoying my family on the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on. 🙂

2 thoughts on “vacation weight loss challenge winner reveal

  1. Glad you are feeling good and are working on exercises. I feel my best when I can be in a water aerobics class. Too bad they are closed now. I really feel the difference.

    Laura you are beautiful inside and out. Enjoy the beach!!

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