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vacation weight loss challenge: week 9

vacation weight loss challenge (2)
Oh my gosh, you guys! I’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the beach I totally forgot to update on the challenge! Whoops!

I hate to admit it but I am STILL struggling with middle of the night eating. I’ve actually been cooking and baking a bit more and that seems to help me not eat loads and loads of crap in the middle of the night but I’m still easily eating 80% or more of my calories during “trips to the bathroom” at 11:30 pm. Honestly, I’m not even upset about it anymore. Clearly, something is going on and I’m figuring it out – I’m a work in progress and that’s 100% okay. 🙂

Now for the updates.

bust inches lost: 0
waist inches lost: -0.5″
hip inches lost: -0.25″
thigh inches lost: -0.25″
weight lost: -.9 lbs

bust inches lost: 0
waist inches lost: 0
hip inches lost: 0
thigh inches lost: 0
weight lost: +0.6 lbs

bust inches lost: 0
waist inches lost: 0
hip inches lost: 0
thigh inches lost: 0
weight lost: -2.4 lbs

Clearly, Mom is going to kick our butts. She has been so worried about stalling out and not feeling like she’s doing very well and then she had a little whoosh. I am so proud of her for sticking it out – and I’m even more proud of my little brother (who is in high school, mind you) for giving her a midway pep talk to keep her motivated. I love him so much! ❤ 😉

My body on the other hand, has some other ideas. My weight has been bouncing around as much up to 6 pounds – I feel like I have been gaining and losing the same four pounds the entire challenge. But…my measurements are saying that although my weight isn’t changing much, my body composition is slowly being altered. I’ll take it.

Check in at the end of this week for the final weigh in and challenge winner reveal; I’ll be posting all of the other info, stats, photos after we come back from vacation as I won’t have time to do it due to all the packing, driving and beaching. 😉

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