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vacation weight loss challenge: week 1

vacation weight loss challenge (2)

It’s time to own up to it.

I’ve gained weight.

I’m not talking a pound or two, I’m talking a chunk (no pun intended!). Now, I’m not 100% comfortable giving a number just yet, but I’m working on being more comfortable with imperfection and you can expect a post on it in the near future.

Regardless of why or how I got here, I AM here and I’m ready to turn it back around.

After weeks of self sabotage I decided I needed a way to be held accountable. So I texted my sister. I text my sister all the time when I need to be accountable for food related issues, but this time it was a different kind of accountable – I asked her to do a weight loss challenge with me. She said yes, of course. 😀

The two of us are no strangers to counting calories, working out or losing weight. Over the past five or so years I managed to drop 43 pounds (some of which I have gained back, putting me where I am now) and my sister has managed to drop 45 since giving birth to her son (almost 30 of that since March). Before COVID-19 we walked with each other three times a week on top of our individual workout schedules (she likes workout videos, weights and walks and I do Ballet Beautiful, some lifting and treadmill) and she has always looked to me for advice pertaining to exercise and counting calories.

Clearly, it was a no-brainer asking her to do it with me. But then we upped the ante – we asked our mom and younger sister to join us too. Mom jumped right on it and our younger sister also finally agreed. And just like that, the vacation weight loss challenge was on!

Lose the most weight by the end of the challenge.

We agreed to take before photos in our swimsuits, take body measurements and weigh in starting today. Body measurements and weigh ins will continue to happen on a weekly basis and will be shared with each other so we can all stay accountable and motivated.

My sister and I decided we would keep detailed food and exercise logs (we both already do anyway so it’s not a change for us) but I’m unclear on whether Mom and my other sister will be doing so. I thought it would be fun to compare eating styles and activity level at the end sort of like a science experiment. 😉

My sister and I also wrote down our own individual diet guidelines. Why say “guidelines” instead of “rules”, because no one is perfect and weight loss is about small, consistent changes than about a total overhaul of your daily life.

I will be posting the details of our guidelines with the check in next week. I will also try to find out if my mom and other sister are following anything specific as well.

We are scheduled to all go on vacation together in August so our end date is August 15th. That puts our challenge length at about 9.5 weeks.

I will update everyone’s progress here on the blog every week so be sure to check back in and see how we’re doing! I will post everyone’s stats in pounds lost until the end when I will reveal our starting and ending weights (unless of course they would rather I not. 🙂 )

So what does one of us get if we lose the most? The winner gets treated to a meal, snack or something similar by the losers while we’re on vacation. My sister and I did this before in high school and I won a huge chocolate soft serve waffle cone with sprinkles.
Worth it.

I thought this would be a fun, real challenge to share on the blog. I think I’m honestly mostly excited to see how everyone does and compare different lifestyles, ways of eating and activity level. I am a FIRM believer that there is not a one size fits all approach to health, fitness or weight loss, so I’m hoping to show some evidence of that here as well.

To up my own motivation a bit, I’ve also decided to pair this challenge with an added bonus to my readers. IF I win the challenge by losing the most weight by August 15th, I will host a giveaway here on the blog. I haven’t 100% decided on the prize, but I WILL do my absolute best to win so you all have the chance to. 🙂

Stayed tuned!

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