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june meal plan

Since we’re actively house hunting, I’ve been actively trying to whittle down my stockpile. Although I do plan my meals mainly around what I have on hand, last month I drifted a bit away from that, mostly likely out of pure rebellion due to quarantine. 😛 So I’m back at it again this month in hopes that I can create a rather large dent in my stockpile before we have to move it all.

I technically only meal plan for a family breakfast on Sundays – the rest of the week is leftovers or other regular breakfast food (ie: bagels, cereal, pop tarts, etc.) We do weekly meal prep for lunches on Sundays – enough for five weekday lunches for two adults. Recipes marked with an asterik are recipes that I have made before and my family has deemed delicious! 🙂

Ham + Hashbrown Casserole*
German Chocolate French Toast Cake
Spinach + Gruyere Quiche
PB+J Pancake Poppers

Sweet Chili Chicken + Berry Feta Spinach Salad* (my favorite!)
Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas + Restaurant Style Refried Beans*
Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil*
Korean BBQ Chicken + Hibachi Vegetables

Lamb Curry, Indian Rice* + Naan*
White Castle Casserole + Salad
Grilled London Broil, Pea Salad + Parmesan Garlic Potatoes
Smothered Pork Burritos + Mexican Coleslaw
Shrimp Sandwiches + Fries
Pizza Stuffed Peppers*
Boneless Wings* + Loaded Fries
Cajun Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin + Broccoli Salad*

Blackberry Sundaes (top vanilla or blackberry ice cream with sauce recipe!)
Swiss Roll Cake
PB+J Bombs + PB+J Ice Cream
Strawberry Brownies
Hawaiian Fluff Salad
Samoa Cookie Pie

Most of these recipes do not require specialty equipment, except the PB+J Pancake Poppers; they require an ebleskiver pan, which is listed below. As far as the other recipes go, you really don’t need any special equipment – even french fries can be cut by hand – but I’ll link a few of my favorite pieces of kitchen equipment in case you’re interested.

If you’ve never heard the word “ebleskiver” you’re definitely not alone. If you’ve never used an ebleskiver pan, you’re definitely not alone on that one either. These pans are used to make Danish pancakes (or filled pancake puffs). I taught myself how to use one in one try with absolutely no experience, teacher or video – it’s not hard, I promise! Here is the ebleskiver pan I use.

I have made french fries sooooooo many times in quarantine because Elias loves them. Having this french fry cutter on hand makes the process so much quicker and easier when he asks for “trench tries”. 😉 It has two interchangeable blades but is not suitable cutting sweet potatoes.

I upgraded all my sheet pans to Nordic Ware about two years ago and I just love them! Things absolutely bake better on one of these.

Silicone baking mats are literally the best “fun” or nonessential kitchen items for moms (or anyone who doesn’t love to scrub all their sheet pans after dinner!). They are non stick, dishwasher safe and reduce (or sometimes eliminate completely) the need for foil, parchment paper or cooking spray. They are one of the most used things in my kitchen.

So many shapes, sizes and types, oh my! When I upgraded all my baking sheets, I then turned to my next victim – cake pans. I wanted something heavy duty and trusted that produced amazing quality baked goods. What I ended up with were Fat Daddio’s cake pans. My cakes always turn out so beautifully baked now that it’s hard to imagine what baking was like before.

Feel free to use the entire meal plan, but if you’re only interested in trying a couple recipes or just don’t have time for them all my top three must makes are: Berry Feta Spinach Salad, Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil and Samoa Cookie Pie (I am SO looking forward to this one!)

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