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Four days into June…

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep I’m experiencing or the chaos the entire world seems to be in but I’m struggling to keep a thought together, much less getting it down on virtual paper. But it’s update time. Bear with me, I’m feeling senile.

I have spent YEARS dreaming about our house, MONTHS dreaming about burning our townhouse to the ground and countless nights fretting over how much I cannot wait to organize and decorate a new home. ONE WEEK in and I have had it up to here with house shopping. We have poured over listings, written and rewritten must have lists and revisited priorities more times than I can count.
Four houses are all that have made the preliminary round.
And four houses failed the tour round.
Four houses in and it’s beginning to feel like the four horsemen.


Just when you think you’ve run out of things to stream while stuck at home, you find yourself struggling to choose between Nailed It!, Botched and The Simple Life (the last two are on Prime, by the way). We blew through Tiger King in two days, we watched our first horror movie since probably last year (In The Tall Grass – which I absolutely do not recommend for various reasons but mostly limited to: no real ending or explanation and an extremely uncomfortable and horrific scene involving baby eating – sorry, but it is what it is, and I’d rather have you upset with me for saying it than upset with me for not saying it and you watching something you’re uncomfortable with). As far as the chilling part: there is little chill with a toddler running around. 😉

We turned two!
That is something I’m having a particularly hard time with. You hear people with older kids say it all the time: “It feels like it was just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time”. You literally will never understand that until you have your own child. I wake up every day feeling like we just got home from the hospital. 😦

We were unable to have his planned party, of course. (Don’t fret just yet, it’s been rescheduled!) And as upset as I was intially, I’m actually grateful that we were forced to postpone it. Instead of running around doing last minute party prep, I was able to just focus on Elias. We spent the day doing whatever he wanted: we fed ducks, shot basketball, played with sidewalk chalk, spent some time on the playground and watched Blippi. For dinner I made him homemade pizzas, mozzarella sticks and a milk and cookies cake. Then we opened gifts – during which Elias was adamant that it was Christmas and Santa was “not sicky” (scary). 😀

Lesson learned: from here on out birthday parties will be scheduled a week or so before or after the actual birthday so I can enjoy them with the people that I was meant to – my kids!

This Friday marks a big step for us: Virginia is entering Phase Two of reopening. I’ve already told my husband that it’s time to sit down again and reevaluate the situation and what we are comfortable with, what we would like to change and what needs to stay the same. I’ll be interested to see how our local area deals with the change as we have one of the highest per capita COVID cases in the state – there has already been a call to delay Phase Two, so we’ll see what happens on Friday.

As far as our personal lives go, I have started to loosen my own restrictions. We are still quarantining, but I’ve started to take Elias to the park provided there are no other children there and I’ve made a trip or two out to grocery stores that I used to frequent that do not have pickup or online options. I’ve also felt safe enough to stop by the post office and make a hair appointment (it was overdue before COVID and now it’s below my waistband!). We are even attending a wedding in two and a half weeks!

I am still avidly wearing my mask, sanitizing everything and leaving Elias with Jeremy to run errands. We do not plan on jumping right back into things as soon as possible and are just taking it one day at a time.

What is everyone else up to?

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