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This week has hit me pretty hard – I’ve had A LOT of emotional and physical ups and downs. I’ve been struggling to get my binge eating under control again and I’ve had next to no motivation to do anything at all.

But I think I’m getting into an upswing groove. I cleaned my desk off today (wiped it down and everything!), got some of the office picked up and got next months’ meal plan all sorted out. I have even managed to work out every single day and found that I can stream Botched for free. It’s the little things, ya’ll. 😉

As my mood about lock down has relaxed a bit, I’ve found myself counting down the immeasurable amount of days until we can get back to our lives and getting psyched to be able to do the normal things we can no longer do under the current circumstances. (Funny how much you miss the days of toddler meltdowns in the grocery store and pleading for their cooperation with the reward of french fries.) Here’s what we’re looking forward to once lock down has been lifted:

*disclosure: these are things we will be doing ONLY when it is safe to do so, not just because things have started opening back up – if that’s another year, then it’s another year. 

Before having a child, we had an agreement to go on date night once a week. After having a child, it’s more realistic for us to go on date night once or twice a month. Not only because it’s hard to carve out time for it, but because it can be challenging to match schedules up with our parents’ schedules for babysitting. (We don’t do babysitters – we just do not trust anyone else with our child.) Not sure what the actual plan will be, but I’ve always wanted to do a restaurant hop. 🙂

The allure of going out for ice cream is 50% ice cream and 50% eating the ice cream AT the shop. No one can deny it; eating the same ice cream in your car, driving home or at home just is NOT the same.

Before lock down we had people over to our home at least two or three times a month and we were going to other peoples’ homes the same amount. As much as we have enjoyed the uninterrupted family time, we are definitely missing our extended families around. And that’s a reason to celebrate.
Can we all say “happy mommieasteremorial day?” No?
Can I get that on a cake? YES.

Full disclosure: I am not popular.
Fuller disclosure: I have very few close friends.
Fullest disclosure: my closest friends are people who have no choice: my mom, my son, my siblings and my husband (I mean I guess he might have had a choice 😉 )
This is not something we do regularly and my two sisters have been having a pretty rough time during lock down so we’re all looking forward to being together.

Elias has been such a trooper. He has had to give up so much and adjust to so many new things all in such a short amount of time and not to mention right in the middle of a surge in development. He doesn’t understand why he can’t help with groceries. He doesn’t understand why he can’t go play with the neighbor kids. He doesn’t understand why we’re not going to our typical places or seeing our typical people.
He deserves, at the very least, his own special day of freedom.
So we’ll be doing anything and everything that he’s missed out on these past weeks.
Provided he wants to.
Because, toddlers.

What are you most looking forward to?

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