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Hey, hey, hey! Still here and ready for an update!

For the first time in forever, we had an completely uneventful holiday. That’s not 100% true- we DID have a special Easter visitor. 😉 I made Easter dinner for us at home and we had an Easter egg hunt for Elias. Usually this section would be three paragraphs long to just cover everywhere we went, but I’m digging this.

My husband started back up at work two weeks ago – one week on, one week off as a precaution. Although I still have some anxiety about it, I do have to admit that it’s been nice to get a break from each other, if only for the fact that I get A LOT more done around the house when he’s gone. Haha.

I am thrilled to announce that we have been actively looking for houses! We are so incredibly excited to be starting this new chapter and SO looking forward to having more space and a yard. It’s also sort of forced me to start going through things around the house and getting rid of some stuff. Yesterday I completely emptied my closet, went through each piece of clothing and really tried to get rid of things I have never or will never wear. I ended up filling an entire tub that my sister picked up to go through before they will be officially gotten rid of. Woo!

In the past week, we have learned that two family members have tested positive. My aunt on my mom’s side tested positive last week and I received news a few days ago that a cousin on my dad’s side has also tested positive. They are both doing well and are currently recovering at home.

On the topic of Covid-19, can I please just vent here for a minute and say that I am absolutely APPALLED at some of the horror stories coming out about how people are treating each other through all of this? Wiping your face on a cashiers’ shirt because she asked you wear a face mask? Pushing a ranger into water because he reminded you of social distancing? Shooting someone trying to enforce a policy on face masks? Can we all channel the Black Eyed Peas and show each other some love?
As my mother would say: “Heavens to Murgatroyd”. And we’ll keep it at that because my mother would be horrified if I said what I really wanted to say. 😉

We have had to reschedule two different family events – my sisters’ divorce party and, more recently, Elias’ birthday party. Although I understand the need, it is still extremely disappointing and frustrating. Especially because we are in the process of house hunting and we have a vacation (fingers crossed!!) coming up at the end of August and I’m beginning to feel that everything is going to be jammed into a short period of time.

We are turning two this month! What?! Because his party is being rescheduled ( 😦 ), we will be having a special family dinner and I’m making a special cake. He has been asking to go “shoot hoops” and “basketball now” EVERY SINGLE DAY. And usually we take him because we have ample time and it’s nice to just be out of the house, but on days that it’s too cold or rainy we shoot basketball in his tiny shopping cart. Haha. And the basketball theme doesn’t stop there – he’s also been asking to watch a lot of trick shot videos, which is a nice break from Blippi. 😉

The weather here has been all over the place and when it’s nice out all our usual haunts have people at them (hello, driving around for a half hour until we FINALLY found a church with a basketball hoop and no one there!) so it’s been difficult to get some outside time in. Other than that, we’ve just been hanging out and doing random things around the house.

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