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hippity hoppity, happy easter day!


fuzzy sweater / leggings / bunny slippers / elias’ bunny jumpsuit

We woke up to Easter baskets this morning! How about you?

Elias got some super fun Easter themed goodies – window clings, stickers, bunny jumpers, Play-Doh, bubbles, bath paints, a mini Connect-4 and a pint sized Nerf gun. I really tried to focus more on things for him to do and play with than candy – not that we’re anti sugar (I mean, have you seen my meal plans?) – because he literally gets more enjoyment out of fun little toys and activities than he does sweets. Our Easter baskets are a bit of a different story. Haha.

I never tackle holiday breakfasts because we have SO much to do and so many places to go. (I’ve touched on the marathon we run every holiday of every year, but in case you need a refresher…we would typically be at my in laws’ for lunch at 12pm, at my grandfathers’ for second lunch at 2pm and at my grannys’ for dinner at 5:30pm.) But this year, my wish has finally come true! Albeit, not in the best of ways but I’ll take it just the same. Hello, carrot cake pancakes! ❤

We have a busy day of egg hunting, eating to indulge in and lots of relaxing to enjoy so I’ll make it short!


pop sweater high waist leggingsbunny slippersgray bunny jumpsuit

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