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my easter menu


So…Easter is in a week. What?

I don’t officially host Easter but I do serve an Easter dinner at home. It may not be ON Easter, but let’s face it, even if I could manage to make it to four different meals, it would be far from enjoyable. So I usually do our Easter dinner a few days after Easter or the following weekend.

This year, however, things are different. We’re not going anywhere and I WILL be serving our one Easter dinner on Easter. Just we three. There’s something oddly charming about not having to run our typical gauntlet. Or maybe I’m already reeling on a sugar high from all the Reese’s eggs. 😉

The Ham
I always get a free ham around Easter from Martin’s using my gas points (thank you, couponing!) but I typically throw that into the freezer and defrost a ham I got super cheap at Christmas…and then I use the free ham from Easter for my Christmas in July dinner. Freezer rotation, gotta love it! I always change up the glaze for the ham, using one of these three tried and true recipes: Papa’s glazed ham, Cola Glazed Ham or Apricot Ham. I’m kind of feeling cola this year…

The Sides
I have fallen in love with two cold carrot sides: apple carrot slaw and carrot walnut salad. Two totally different and amazing recipes. The carrot slaw is a recipe that I will literally eat from the fridge in the middle of the night – it’s tart and sweet and salty all at the same time and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The carrot salad is a Ukrainian recipe I believe that definitely errs on the side of sweet but not dessert sweet – it is a PERFECT Easter side dish. For my menu, I’ll go with the apple carrot slaw, but definitely try that salad!

Last Christmas my mom made this incredible sweet potato casserole with apple pie filling in it. The past few family holidays, I have been tasked with making candied sweet potatoes because no one can make them correctly. Haha. So for our Easter dinner, I’m going a different route and making this candied coconut sweet potato casserole. Fingers crossed that it turns out.

Risotto. No, Gordon Ramsay is not going to throw you out of your kitchen if it’s not perfect. After watching many episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, my husband finally said “why don’t you make that” one too many times. I broke down and made a pumpkin bacon risotto. F*cking amazing. Elias could not eat it fast enough – he ate three large serving spoonfuls of it in one sitting. Would I be a basic bitch if I made a pumpkin risotto for Easter? Yes? Ok, I’ll make french onion and bacon risotto. 😉

The Bread
Keepin’ it simple here: traditional Irish soda bread. And lots of butter.

The Dessert
So, you can scrap the rest of the menu and just make this. Four words, here. You ready?
Carrot. Cake. Ice. Cream.
For real? For real. I’m super traditional when it comes to holidays. I like everything to stay the way it always has been – same food, same traditions, same people – but this year I’m feeling a little spunky. I’m still nodding a head to tradition, but jazzing it up to suit us.

Curious to know what everyone else’s plans are for Easter! Keep it safe!

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