let’s get cozy


“let’s get cozy” top similar here / leggings / slippers similar here
(and oh my god you guys, don’t look at the mess!)

As the time frame for staying at home gets longer with each passing day, I’m finding myself going up and down on the emotional scale ALL DAY LONG and I’ve been craving comfort. Lots of coffee, meals like mama used to make, longer hugs, I’ve even been finding comfort in the normalcy of my neighbor taking her dog out to potty. 

As a stay at home mom, I already rock lounge wear 90% of the time but my lounge wear drawer is full of clothes that have been semi ruined or are just okay so I only wear them at home. So I took this opportunity to buy myself some new pieces. And to highlight the favorites I already owned. 😉

let's get cozy artvarsity stripe sweatshirt / pancakes + pajamas tee / hoodie dress
bunny slippers / joggers

Seriously so cute and exceptionally flattering. It fits just like the model and is comfy. Bonus points for coming in A LOT of colors.

No explanation needed. 😉

I bought this last year for wearing around the beach house and everyone loved it. Even the guys were all “babe, you need one of those” to their SOs. Pretty sure they all secretly wanted to wear it.

I actually bought these for Easter since we won’t be going anywhere. I figured we’d all “dress up” in super relaxed themed outfits.

I cannot stand the “athleisure” look. Like I will go to the store in my workout gear if I have to, but I don’t dress like I’m going to the gym when I’m really only going to McDonald’s. Maybe I’m not cool, but whatever. These are legitimately for lounging around the house in and maybe travelling in.

I’d say that’s an upgrade from stained tees and largely worn out sweaters. 🙂 What about you? Do you have some old lounge wear you just wear to pieces or do you prefer to keep it fresh? 😉

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