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happy birthday to me.

birthday cupcake


Is anybody still here?


So…it’s been a minute. Or a month. Or, you know, fourteen. And a week. But who’s really counting at this point?

One thing I am counting today is candles. Twenty-eight candles. Only two more to go until I hit the big 3 – 0. Can you hear the fear in my voice? Do keyboards have voices? Does it actually matter?

If you’re picking up on the sarcasm and slight bitterness in my “voice”, you’re my favorite. If you’re wondering what happened in the last fourteen months, you’ve missed a lot. I swear the older I get, the less interesting I am but I have more to keep up with than I ever imagined. But those are stories for another post, because…

It’s my birthday.

Today is my birthday and I am back.

Prepare yourselves.

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4 thoughts on “happy birthday to me.

  1. Yeay you’re back! I want to see your outfits and food. You are amazing and only get better each year my dear.

    Love you and happy birthday!!!


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