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Friday Favorites: Pregnancy Gear

pregnancy gear

We’ve all heard about favorite baby gear, but there’s a long road ahead of each baby’s arrival and there are just some things that I could not have lived through this pregnancy without.

Belly Band
The very first thing I purchased after finding out I was pregnant was a belly band. Within a month or two, you’ll already be so bloated that your normal pants will not button and nobody really wants to be buying maternity clothes that early, if at all. I ordered a size small and they still fit really well.

Bio Oil
Pregnancy changes your body. The one change I really didn’t want to have to deal with was stretch marked, sagging skin after the fact. I have been using Bio Oil religiously since I found out (once a day during the first trimester and then twice a day beginning in my second) and I have not gotten a single stretch mark and am currently 38 weeks along. I’m not saying that it’s all to do with the Bio Oil – I have been diligent about not gaining weight too rapidly – but I do believe the Bio Oil is helping my skin stay moist and elastic.
Underwire Free Bra
Back up to before I lost 36 pounds – my boobs were large. After losing 36 pounds, guess what? They were still big. My band size stayed the same (although I went from the biggest setting on the hook to the smallest) and I only lost a cup size. Fast forward to getting pregnant and within three months my cups were overflowing…in my old bra size. Although I could get away with loosening my band, it quickly became uncomfortable especially for lounging around the house.

After many failed attempts at finding an underwire free bra that fits a 28 band size and supports a large cup, I did find some relief. The Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes has been my saving grace. Because my rib cage is so tiny, I decided to go with the smallest size – the XS. It still rides up a bit because the band is still a little large but the cups are so forgiving and definitely accommodate more than the size chart says they do. I plan on wearing this around the house before and after delivery while the ladies are large and sore.

Maxi Dresses
After we got back from China, I swore off jeans. Well, I swore off jeans mostly. 🙂 After a certain point, even when people say you’re not that big, you most certainly are bigger than you were. Add in swelling and the fact that you wake up in the morning and your comfort baseline is already uncomfortable because, well you’re carrying around a tiny human, jeans are not on your radar.

I have been utilizing the maxi dresses in my closet almost every time I have to get “dressed up” – the other times, it’s leggings and a tunic. Here are some of my favorite maxi dresses that have gotten me thus far: Floral Maxi, Casual T Shirt Maxi, V Neck Maxi.

There are some women who are scared to take anything during pregnancy. Go this route and you will have a miserable nine months. Stock up on a few safe medications and keep yourself comfortable: Unisom (for sleep trouble), Tyelnol (or acetaminophen because things WILL hurt during pregnancy), Gas-X (no shame, ladies) and some Robitussin (I can’t remember exactly which types are safe, so make sure to check with your doctor and read the label). Oh, and yes, the seven day version of Monistat is safe so feel free to use as needed.

Pregnancy is hard on your body, don’t make it harder when you don’t have to.

What are some of your favorite items that helped you through pregnancy?

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