Striped Tee + Cardigan




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStriped Long Sleeve Tee similar here / Cardigan similar here / Levi’s 535 in Mid Roast / Heels similar here / Earrings

It’s been awhile since my last post – between the eight or nine holiday get togethers we had starting last Friday I have had literally zero time to get anything done. On top of that I caught a cold during all of that and have been down the past two days alternating between sleeping and binge watching Ultimate Beastmaster (check it out on Netflix!) and the Jurassic Park series.

Pregnancy colds take you down hard. This is my second one and I’ll be really pumped if I don’t get another. The first night I don’t think I had an hour and a half of consecutive sleep. Between rolling around because I couldn’t breathe and everything ached to having to go to the bathroom every hour because a certain little someone is starting to press on my bladder and getting woken up by my husband because I’m snoring horribly loud now – I have been absolutely miserable the past two days. Today I’m a little better than yesterday, so I figured I could suck it up for an hour and get a post up, but then it’s back to the couch to binge watch something else. 🙂
My baby bump has started to show now, so I feel like I look less bloated and more pregnant which has boosted my mood. I have also started to feel tiny little feet flicking my belly (they’re not really strong enough to be called kicks yet 🙂 ) and as weird as I thought it would be, it’s really not. Luckily, I’m still somehow fitting into most of my pre pregnancy clothes so I’m grateful to not have to spend the extra money to get maternity items yet. (I AM wearing a belly band though!)

I hope everyone had a great holiday – we were super busy but saw a lot of people we don’t see super often and we had a ton of fun. To top it off, Santa was good to both of us this year; I think we ended up with more than we know what to do with (or have space for) but it’ll all find a home soon.

(I’m going to have to give my husband a crash course in lighting again – reminding him to watch the meter doesn’t seem to be helping. 🙂 )

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