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Pregnancy Reveal Details

View More: http://chelsiegordonphotography.pass.us/laurajeremy

View More: http://chelsiegordonphotography.pass.us/laurajeremy

Laura + Jeremy-0012

Laura + Jeremy-0031

View More: http://chelsiegordonphotography.pass.us/laurajeremy

View More: http://chelsiegordonphotography.pass.us/laurajeremy

View More: http://chelsiegordonphotography.pass.us/laurajeremy

Laura + Jeremy-0057
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Reveal to my husband
So I found out I was pregnant on September 12th. I had had the most tiring morning – I could barely make it through my workout, the littlest things were making me cry or angry and I was just having a tough time. So as I’m cleaning the bedroom, I’m telling my husband about it and he just casually says, “maybe you’re pregnant”.

Not really thinking anything of it, I continued on until I needed to use the restroom. I picked up a test (I have a bunch since we’re trying) and did my business per usual. I waited the five minutes and picked up the test, ready to deem it negative and toss it. But, wait! There was the FAINTEST line. I am talking so faint I could barely see it at all. Immediately, my head went to all the things you hear about “if there’s any line, you’re pregnant”. Cue disbelief.
For the next three days, I kept it to myself and tested every morning. Sure enough, every morning the line grew darker and darker and I knew at that point I was expecting. By this time, I’m in a panic trying to figure out a cute way to tell my husband. I had seen all these super cute pregnancy reveals with a photographer and knew that’s the direction I wanted to go.

I headed down to Walmart to get a digital test, just to make absolutely sure, and sure enough as the test counted down it very quickly gave me a “pregnant” result. I immediately contacted a photographer with the title “I NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER ASAP – PREGNANCY REVEAL TO MY HUSBAND”. Needless to say, she was very quick to respond.

I had the idea that I wanted to do a Christmas theme under the ruse of Christmas photos for our holiday cards which would become our pregnancy announcements – the end of my first trimester would be right around the time to send them out. So I somehow managed to get my husband to agree and go along with it. At some point within a day or two of us, he started to get suspicious, but kept his mouth shut so not to ruin the surprise or upset me if it wasn’t what he thought.

I brought a bunch of props including a wrapped box that had a tee shirt inside that reads “achievement unlocked: fatherhood” and the photographer directed us to interact with the props. When it came time for the box, she said, “we’re going to do some with the box” and then, “I want you to open the box”.

The look on his face was actually kind of blank. 🙂 Afterwards, he told me all he really saw at first was fatherhood and he was having trouble putting it together. My husband doesn’t really react like you’d expect him to when he’s in the spotlight. He kind of keeps himself together, so I should have expected him to kind of look at me like he did. All in all, when he got the message he was super excited and we finished up our photos with some cute pregnancy announcement photos.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. Was it worth the money? Most definitely. Important moments only happen once and when the opportunity to document them is gone, it’s gone forever. Being able to show our child the exact moment their dad found out he was going to be a dad for the first time is well worth the money and effort.

If you are in Virginia and the surrounding states and are looking for a photographer, check out Chelsie Gordon. She did an amazing job on our photos and was so easy and fun to work with.

Reveal to our immediate families
This was a little more low key. My husband wanted to keep it private and low key. He just really does not like being the center of attention. So we decided on a couple different ways to break the news without giving it away.

His family is a little difficult because they’re spread out. We ended up having his parents over for dinner and gave his mom a candle. (Sounds weird, but she’s really into Yankee Candles, she uses a fake Christmas tree so she’s always trying to make it smell like a real one and I always get super cheap Yankee Candles with coupons – so when you put it all together it was kind of like a “hey, I picked you up this candle I got on sale so your tree smells like Christmas” thing. Still weird?) Anyway, I had it personalized with one of the photos from our Christmas shot and it says “baby due in May”.

For his brother and his wife and kids, we sent their oldest a birthday card that said on the front “the more the merrier” and on the inside it said “true of family, true of friends, true of cake” and I wrote “true of cousins” and we included the ultrasound with a little due date notice.

My family was just as difficult because there’s a lot of them. For my mom and stepdad, my sisters and brother and my mom’s parents, we used my brothers’ birthday as a cover. We got him a gift and card just like normal, but then we wrapped a box inside of a box inside of a box and each layer had a little note taped to it that said “the best gifts…”, “are worth waiting for…” and then in the final box it was a card that had our ultrasound and a little note that said “baby due in May”. He kind of stopped reading out loud at that point so my grandma was sort of confused while everyone else was screaming and carrying on (which ended up making my 1 year old nephew start crying), but it all worked out like we planned. 🙂

My youngest little sister had to work the night of the party so we got her a container of pretzel nuggets from Auntie Anne’s and wrote a little card that said “nuggets from our nugget” with a copy of the ultrasound and took it to her at work. All she could was jump up and down in the middle of the store pointing at me saying, “I knew it! I knew it!”.

Reveal to extended family
We only actually personally went and told our parents, siblings and grandparents. Everyone else had to wait until they got their Christmas cards (which I sent out immediately after Thanksgiving). I DIYed our cards (because $150 for 50 cards is absolutely insane) and we are just thrilled at how they turned out. The day we sent them out, we immediately started receiving texts from everyone saying how excited they were.

Reveal to close friends and coworkers
I really only have two close friends that I kept in real touch with after high school. So for them, I wanted a private reveal. We went to Olive Garden for lunch one day, but I was so excited I ended up breaking the news before we even left the house for lunch. I figured if there was any screaming, it was best done in the comfort of my living room rather than in front of a bunch of strangers.

For my husbands’ coworkers who are mostly guys and, in my husbands’ words, “don’t care about cute details”, he ended up just going in to work wearing his “achievement unlocked” shirt. Got the message across and cued the “your life is over” jests we also got after our wedding. Boys. 🙂

So now you know our little secret. And he or she will remain that way until D Day. May cannot come fast enough. 🙂

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  1. What an awesome reveal!! That shirt rocks and I so wish I had found something like that when I was pregnant.Congrats to you both!

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