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Friday Favorites: Black Friday Edition

our $5 Christmas tree!
(no, it’s not up yet 🙂 )

Black Friday is one of my top ten favorite days of the year and it just so happens it is coming up in exactly one week! In honor of that I’m going to do a little Friday Favorites mashup. There is absolutely no theme here; I’ll be doing a bit of this a bit of that, some holiday favorites to get you in the spirit and basically just doing my own thing. Get ready for a trainwreck. 🙂

The best thing about Black Friday is the deals! I literally start looking at Black Friday deals at the end of October / early November. How? By using one of my favorite sites of all time: The Black Friday. The site posts early released Black Friday ads so everyone has enough time to come up with a game plan. Literally, one of the best ideas ever!
Continuing along with the deal theme, I also have to give a shout out to my absolute favorite couponing blog of all time: Hip2Save. I literally check this site multiple times a day to get most of my couponing in order and it’s especially helpful around Christmas for all the gifting deals! Bonus: Collin is super fun and totally down to earth.

Confession: I have been listening to Christmas music since Halloween. Black Friday is when all bets are off; I pull out all my Christmas decorations, whip up some hot cocoa and blast “Holly Jolly Christmas” until my husband can’t stand it. And then I do it some more. 🙂 If you are not like me and don’t have your favorite version of every classic Christmas song in a special folder on your MP3 player, tune in to iHeartRadio’s Christmas Classics station and get yourself pumped!

Christmas = Cookies. Period. So what else will I be doing this Black Friday? Baking Christmas cookies!!! Chocolate and mint is my absolute favorite combo when it comes to Christmas time and that’s what I like to focus on. One of our favorite cookies of the season are Frosted Peppermint Brownie Cookies – seriously one my favorite cookies of all time! The only change I make is to use soft peppermint puffs instead of candy canes for the topping. Get the recipe at Cooking Classy.

Thrift Shopping
Weird one? Yes. And no. At least half of my Christmas decorations are from thrift stores. Matter of fact, I bought our Christmas tree at a Goodwill years ago for $5. Yes, $5. No, It’s not the most fantastic Christmas tree in the world and it will get replaced (hopefully this year during after Christmas clearance), but you really can’t beat $5. A lot of the ornaments I use in wreaths (some of the wreaths are also thrifted) are less than perfect thrift finds. But that’s ok because you honestly can’t tell. Another thrift store bonus? All my Christmas mugs. Speaking of…

I am one of those people where all my dinnerware and serveware is white. Everything, down to the last coffee mug. Except my Christmas mugs, of which I probably have close to 50 by now. I collect them all year long and put them away until Black Friday, I then choose some favorites and pour myself a holly jolly nightcap. The whole idea behind it is that when we have our dream house, I can have my Cookies & Cocoa party with all our family and friends and everyone will have their own special looking mug. Can. Not. Wait.

After writing this, there apparently was a theme. Black Friday and Christmas. Go figure. At least I’m consistent. What are your plans for Black Friday?

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