Pan Collar Dress + Mary Janes




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPan Collar Dress (available in 7 colors!) / Mary Jane Heels / Black Tights similar here

Full disclosure: WE HAVE BEEN SO BUSY. I don’t even know how it’s happened – I suppose it’s just that time of year when time creeps up on us and smacks us on the back of the head with a cast iron skillet. Funny story? Getting smacked with a cast iron skillet is a true story. Not mine, but a relatives’. Moving on.

The photos are a little weird this time around. We haven’t fully adjusted to the time change and we were hurrying to get out of the house before it got too dark. I was in a weird mood and it was windy. Top it off with the fact that my hair looked like Hermione year one and you’ve got yourself these lovely photos above. 🙂
This outfit was actually my Thanksgiving outfit last year (doesn’t count, I didn’t have a blog 🙂 ) and my Halloween costume this year. One guess as to who I was. The tights are not an absolute necessity – I like baring a little skin sometimes – but I do feel that they are necessary for Thanksgiving dinner. If not, you risk looking like a sexy pilgrim. At least that’s what my husband said last year when I couldn’t decide tights or no tights. After that little comment, tights it was.

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