Solemnly Swear Tee + Green Cardigan







Solemnly Swear Tee / Green Cardigan / Leopard Flats / English Ivy by Premier Designs /
Levis 535 Jeans in Mid Roast

Last weekend was the Potter Party. It’s an annual event held in Staunton, Virginia that honors all things Harry Potter. A lot of the downtown shops and restaurants participate by decorating, hosting activities and serving Harry Potter inspired food and drink. It’s a fantastic event to take your kids to, grab some butterbeer or just sit back and people watch.

Being in the Harry Potter generation, you know we went! My husband has never read the books, but really loves the movies (and we’ve seen them many times over!). I, on the other hand, am a die hard Harry Potter fan. I read all the books when they came out, went to see all the movies in theaters and the series remains one of my absolute favorite of all time. Always. 🙂
We also took my youngest little sister and her friend and they had a blast getting sorted into their houses, collecting the cards and eating some fantastic food. We all then met up for dinner at the Depot Grille, which is actually part of the old train station, and it was amazing! It’s currently the number five restaurant in Staunton and a definite recommendation from me.

Staunton is absolutely gorgeous! There is a church on almost every corner downtown and the sidewalks are all brick and tree lined. It really is one of the most beautiful cities we live around and I could definitely see myself living there. I mean, just look at the church we shot at. Incredibly beautiful.

As for my outfit, I really love the combination of the green cardigan and leopard flats. Granted, it was way too hot to wear my cardigan on Sunday but it was welcome when we went to dinner – I always get so cold inside! The t shirt is actually a juniors shirt (wearing a S), but is super comfy. The earrings are one of the freebies I got from hosting a Premier Jewelry party and I just love them! They remind me of an old gate. Oh, and there are those glasses again!

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solemnly swear tee green cardigan MID ROAST  leopard flats english ivy

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