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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWorkout Leggings in Heather Charcoal / Racerback Workout Top/
High Impact Sports Bra / Tennis Shoes

Few words about the outfit. These leggings are fantastic – no show through and they come in a bunch of colors and patterns! The workout tank I recommend a size up (I’m wearing a medium). The sports bra is the best sports bra I have ever owned; for you ladies who have a super small band size (I’m looking at you 26 and 28) and a large cup size, the small fits perfect. The tennis shoes, well, they’re tennis shoes, they get the job done. 🙂 Moving on.

No, not your fitness and diet routine went on vacation, but actually maintaining your routine while you are on vacation. I know, ew. But totally worth it, I promise!

Recently, my entire immediate family went on vacation together in the Outer Banks. (You can read that post here.) That included my mom and stepdad, my youngest sister and little brother, my oldest younger sister, her husband and their 11 month old son and us. Whew! What a mouthful (and a houseful)! With so many people in and out and up and about in one house, it was definitely a challenge to stick to my guns, but I did and I am so incredibly proud of myself. For the first time ever I actually maintained my weight on vacation. *huge goofy smile*
First let me start off by saying it is insanely hard to keep to your routine when you are the only person (out of a house of 9) doing it. At home, my husband lifts almost every day and we are relatively active and healthy people together; on vacation, my husband takes a total break from lifting and usually his diet. Totally alone. Back on track. I was that weirdo waking up at 5:50 AM every morning, walking three miles on the beach and then doing the entire one hour Ballet Beautiful routine. All the while, everyone else was sleeping in and conversing around the table drinking coffee and eating pancakes. I must admit, there were mornings that it made me totally depressed and I wanted to just be on vacation with everyone else. But after every workout was complete, I was so incredibly proud of myself and it just made our trip that much better. 🙂

Get up and get it done.
Seriously? Seriously. Like I said, I set my alarm every morning for 5:50 AM. It took me an hour to finish my three mile walk and then another hour to do my Ballet Beautiful. By waking up super early, I was able to complete my workouts around 8 AM and still keep a relatively normal schedule with everyone else. I know that if I don’t wake up and get my workouts in early on vacation, they will never happen. Tried and true, trust me.

Have one cheat meal per day.
It’s vacation, cheat a little, but don’t go overboard. Most mornings I ended up having a cup of coffee after my workouts and then didn’t even eat anything until lunch because I legitimately wasn’t even hungry. Lunch was typically a cold cut sandwich with grapes eaten on the beach. Simple and healthy. Dinner was where all bets were off. We ate out every single night and I was able to enjoy whatever I wanted (and not feel guilty later) because I made decent choices 80% of the day. It’s all about balance. And let’s face it – nobody wants to eat and eat and eat, get bloated and then run around in a bikini.

Be generally active.
Yes, lying around for days sounds great. But honestly, after day two of doing absolutely nothing, I want to actually do something. Get up and go for a walk on the beach, find a unique hiking trail, go sightseeing. A little extra movement goes a long way.

Get back on track.
Vacation’s over. Time to buckle down. It can be really easy to let your diet slide right after vacation. “What’s one more day?” You’ll say it over and over until the scale is looking back at you with a nasty gain next week. Typically, by the time vacation is over, I’ve made myself so sick by overeating and binging on heavy food that I legitimately look forward to my normal diet.

Don’t sweat the bloat.
I swore to myself that I would not weigh in on Monday. Monday came and so did the scale. Up three pounds. Not too bad. Instead of freaking out and deciding to starve the rest of the week, I went right back to my normal routine. By Thursday, all the bloat had come off and I was back at my pre-vacation weight. By Saturday, I was one pound lighter than my pre-vacation weight. Mind. Blown.

This is exactly what I did on vacation and I have never been more proud of myself. It’s been a year and a half ish since I decided I deserved the body I wanted; I’ve lost 35 pounds, gained a massive amount of confidence and have made serious life changes for a happier, healthier me. You don’t have to starve or give up all the foods you love, you don’t have to eat raw foods or stay strictly keto and you don’t have to do P90X or HIIT to get where you want to be. Find what works for you and fits into your lifestyle and good things will happen. 🙂

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