“F” is for…

friday favs

…fire that burns down the whole town! (If you got that reference, you’re my favorite person ever!) “F” is also for “funnel cakes”, “farts” and my favorite four letter word. Keepin’ it real folks, keepin’ it real.

But “F” is also for “Friday” and “favorites”. See where I’m headed? Ding, ding, ding! Every month I’ll be doing one Friday Favorites segment with five (“f” is also for five 😀 ) of my current favorite things. Maybe some of my favorites will become your favorites!

Diet Cream Soda
Holy crap! My husband and I LOVE cream soda, however, we also love where our waists currently reside. Enter diet cream soda and all our dreams came true. Walmart sells these for $0.82 each. We get these three or four at a time and they’re usually gone by day two. We’re big soda drinkers. Sorry, not sorry.

Sun & Sand by Yankee Candle
This is my favorite summer candle to burn. It literally smells like sunscreen on the beach with a little chlorine. Sold? I wouldn’t be either. That seriously sounds horrible, but it’s true – and totally not horrible! Let’s see what Yankee Candle says about how it smells. “A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk.” Go figure. Regardless of whose description sounds more appealing to you, it really does make you feel like you’re slathered in sunscreen sitting beach side by a pool – it’s fantastic!

Perch Magnetic Containers
These are one of my favorite organizers in my kitchen. They’re sleek, fit any decor and the magnets are crazy strong. Like the kind of strong when you go to put them on your fridge and your finger gets the in the way and is crushed between the container and fridge and you can’t get unstuck. That kind of strong. I currently own the Bitsy for pens, the Biggy for takeout menus and the Stumpy for restaurant and in store retail coupons. As a side note, I shop at Container Store all the time. I get so excited about organizational items – so excited my husband actually laughs at me.

Shamrock Plants
Earlier this year, around St. Patrick’s Day, I picked up a shamrock plant at Lowes. And within two weeks I thought I had killed it. All the individual plants had turned brown and crispy and disappeared. I literally had a flower pot with dirt in it. Or so I thought. After three weeks of looking at dirt, I was ready to toss it. To my surprise, right before I did I saw the teeniest, single sprout poking up. After a week I had a flock of baby shamrocks! The fun thing about shamrocks is the close up at night like little umbrellas. Every time we’re watching tv in the evening and I glance over it makes me smile!

Bonfire Brownies
This time of year, I crush so hard on anything s’mores, but these brownies… Have mercy. S’mores, Kahlua, pretzels and almonds get together for one delicious spin on brownies. I made these for our trip to OBX (read about it here!) and they were well worth the effort. Recipe found on Half Baked Harvest.

Come back next month (hopefully sooner!) for another round of Friday Favorites!

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