My Hair Care Routine

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I have been told by my hairdresser multiple times that I have incredibly healthy hair. Manageable hair, on the other hand, not so much. My hair is incredibly thick and generally coarse – like horsehair. I give a whole new meaning to “ponytail”.

Roughly nine years ago I had all my hair chopped off at about shoulder length – a haircut I absolutely did not ask for – and I have kept my hair super long ever since. Depending on my mood (and how fed up I am with my insanely long hair), it varies in length from about my bra band to my butt and it is a handful to keep looking beautiful.

Once my hair is at my perfect length, I generally go for a trim every 12 – 24 weeks. Long hair takes a lot less trim maintenance than short hairstyles and that is one of its greatest benefits.

Do not wash your hair every day. Say it with me. Do not wash your hair every day. It’s not necessary and it strips your hair of their natural oils. I find that every two to three days is plenty – the only exception being if I have been out in 97 degree weather and got completely drenched in sweat. That being said, I don’t wash my hair every day I workout either; instead, I use dry shampoo to keep my hair fresh.

Shampoo & Conditioner.
You may be tempted to skip over this tip thinking I’m about to tell you to go out and buy $36 shampoo, but fear not! I would literally die before I spent that much on shampoo. My super (not so) secret and insanely cheap trick as far as shampoo goes is….buy whatever you can get super cheap with coupons. Oh, the horror! Seriously, shampoo makes almost no difference with my hair – conditioner is where it’s important. The ONLY conditioner I use anymore is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. My hair feels like silk after I use this and it’s super inexpensive, especially so when using a coupon.

Minimum heat styling.
Hair is healthiest when you limit your heat routine. If I have nowhere to be, I let my hair air dry, reserving the dryer for special occasions.

Like I said, minimum product. But when I need to use product here’s what I use:

OGX Argan Oil
makes my hair super soft and shiny!

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
great for any heat styling!

Aussie Mega Hairspray
flexible hold with UV protection!

Batiste Dry Shampoo
great for no wash days!

The only specific supplement I take for my hair is biotin. I use Spring Valley Biotin, but anything with over 2,500mcg will do the trick.

And there you have it. My hair care routine is simple, effective and, best of all, cheap.

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