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Floral Maxi+ Big News!






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAButton Up Floral Maxi in Black/Green / Jenner Dress Pump

Literally the first thing out of my husbands’ mouth when we got to our shoot site was, “it’s she who walks between the rows”. Oh, lordy. 😛

I LOVE maxi dresses – they’re comfortable and effortless but make you look like you’re so put together. They’re also super easy to dress up or down which make them one of the favorite items in my closet. The one I’m wearing actually comes in over 30 different colors, prints and styles!

I’ve been AFK for awhile because we have been so incredibly busy (hence the big news!). What is it about the last few weeks of summer when everything seems to happen so fast?! I’m trying to get a concrete rhythm down for posting, so I’ll try to be better! Fall is my FAVORITE outfit season so I’m sure I’ll pick up the swing of things again. 😀

Now for the big news…

We bought a house! Yep, we closed about three weeks ago and we are so excited! Our situation is a little different than most people as the house we bought we’ve actually been renting for four years. It’s a little weird to not have to move and I definitely feel like we’re still renting but we couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been busy removing wall plates and patching dings and dents to prep for painting and my husband has already told me to “start a list” of things I want to renovate. Trust me, it’s a long list but the fact we’ve been renting makes it easier to say “this HAS to be done” because we’ve been dealing with it for years. Prepare yourselves for reno posts!

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