What’s In My Bag?


Nine West Zipper Satchel similar here

My kitty, of course! (He decided he needed to be in every picture – behind the bag, beside the bag, on the bag!) 😀

Carrying a purse with me everyday is a recent thing. In high school everything was in my bookbag and I never felt the need for one. Lately, however, I’ve found myself carrying more things around and purses are for…..carrying things around! Go figure. I don’t think I carry around a load of unnecessary items like some women do, but I am well stocked – and more armed than most people think. Here’s the breakdown:




(don’t those nail clippers look like they’re smiling?!)

mints, gum or hard candy
mints & gum for breath, candy because sometimes I just like to taste something 🙂

here is the phone case I use

travel makeup kit
very basic items such as my manicure kit, compact ($0.50 at a thrift shop!), vaseline, lint roller & touch up items

feminine bag
a variety of tampons, liners, pads & wipes – you never know when someone may need one!

first aid kit
again, very basic items such as band-aids, headache medication, etc.

I just ordered this wallet to replace my broken one and I love it! (I even took the wristlet off it and use it for my keys now!)

small composition book
picked up one at Target for $1.99 and use it to write down important dates, lists, etc.

weekly planner & colored pens
this is a new one for me as I have a load of things to remember in a week and I’ve started to lose track of where I need to be when; here’s the planner purchased and the pens I use to color code everything

armory self-defense
stun gun that my father decided my sister and I needed while we were on vacation
one of the pepper sprays that my stepfather gave me for Christmas last year
a whistle (I actually bought these to help train our kitten but he could care less)
a pocket knife my stepfather gave me two Christmases(?) ago – this is not actually in my purse but tucked into my car

and I’m sure I’ll accumulate more given the past trends 😀

Right now all my little “kit” bags are in mismatched bags that I’ve picked up over the years, but I have plans to purchase these matching bags to store them in.

Now that I’ve shared, what’s in your purse?

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